Weather in Madrid

366 photos 25-03-2012 by MnGyverMadrid is actually the sunniest city in Europe with more hours of sunshine than any other capital. It is also one of the healthiest due to its close proximity to the mountains of the Somosierra (to the north and north-east), Guadarrama (north-east) and Toledo (south and east) which supply a pure air flow into the city from all sides.

The city experiences both continental and Mediterranean weather and due to its high altitude in the centre of the country and the surrounding mountains, it goes through temperature extremes. Despite this, the Spanish capital is a year-round destination, with especially nice weather from April to October - so make sure you pack a hat!

The average temperature in Madrid

Average (°C) Minimum Maximum Events
January 10 2 11
  • Calvalcade of the Three Kings
  • Fiestas de San Antón
February 12 3 13
  • Madrid Carnival
  • ARCOmadrid
  • International Fashion Week
March 16 5 17
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week)
  • Festival de Arte Sacro
  • Teatralia
April 18 7 18
  • Flamenco Summit
  • Festimad
  • International Gourmet Fair
  • Klubbers' Day
May 20 11 23
  • Fiesta del Dos de Mayo
  • Fiesta de San Isidro
  • La Feria del Libro
June 27 16 29
  • Fiesta de la Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida
  • Fiestas de San Juan
  • Madrid Gay Pride
July 32 18 33
  • La Virgen del Carmen
  • PHotoEspaña
  • Summercase
August 30 18 32 Castizo Fiestas
September 25 15 27
  • La Noche en Blanco
  • International Fashion Week
October 20 10 20 Autumn Festival
November 12 5 14
  • Jazz Festivals
  • Expo-Ocio
  • SIMO
December 9 3 11
  • Christmas
  • Feria de Artesanía
  • New Year’s Eve

Seasonal overview


Spring in Madrid brings a more relaxed atmosphere to the city, something which tourists and locals take full advantage of with the return of the famed café culture and outdoor living. The days get longer and the city usually gets around seven hours of sunshine per day. Nocturnal temperatures remain cool and don’t tend to get into double figures until late April.


Madrid is Europe’s fourth-hottest city during the summer months and it’s not uncommon for temperatures to rise into the 40s. For this reason, most shops and small businesses are closed during the afternoons for a siesta. It’s also why Madrid becomes a bit of a ghost town in August, as the majority of locals pack up and head for the coast in order to avoid the uncomfortable heat of the city. The best time to visit in summer in probably June, as the temperatures are in the high 20s - the perfect sightseeing temperature.

Autumn in Retiro Park by NunersonAutumn

Autumn in Madrid does experience some rainfall but it’s still a great time to visit the city as the milder temperatures prompt a whole host of festivals, street parties and events such as the Autumn Festival. Despite the cooler evenings, the daytime temperatures are in the 20s until late October, and there is still heaps of sunshine to take advantage of while touring Madrid.


Although noticeably colder, winters in Madrid are often sunny and pleasant. The mountain air and the city’s elevated position make December, January and February particularly chilly, so pack warm clothes. Even with the blue skies, temperatures struggle to get into double figures and occasional snowfall is not uncommon.

Making the most of the weather in Madrid

Madrid really starts coming to life after Easter. All over the city, outdoor eating areas are popping up on the pavements, with eager waiters satisfying the never-ending demand for cold drinks. The city is your oyster when the sun is shining - you can explore Madrid’s famous green spaces such as Parque del Retiro and the Jardines de Sabatini, admire the Royal Palace or check out Plaza del Sol. But if the heat gets too much, copy the locals and let the afternoon slip by over a languid lunch in a shady square.

If you are going to Madrid in winter or you experience a rainy day, there are still plenty of top indoor attractions to take advantage of. You can head to the Prado museum – Spain’s main national art museum – or to the Museo Reina Sofia to see some of Picasso's works. Or simply wander around Madrid’s boutique shops or stop and have a coffee and a cake in one of the famous cafés.

Whatever the weather, you won’t be stuck for things to do in the cool Spanish capital - just remember to bring your sun cream from May onwards!