Weather in Vienna

A visit to Vienna is worthwhile at any time of the year, but the city’s weather will most certainly play a role in what you can and cannot do. With four distinct seasons, planning is important. Make sure you find a reliable forecast and check the seasonal information about the various attractions, sights, and activities that interest you. In no time you will be like a local, as weather is definitely one of the things the Viennese talk about most. With each season ushering in much-loved traditions and different occasions, the changing weather keeps life in this European capital extremely varied.

Average Temperatures in Vienna

Average (°C) Minimum Maximum Events
January -1 -4 2
  • New Year′s Concert
  • The Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Rainbow Ball
February 1 -2 4
  • Carnival
  • Vienna Opera Ball
March 5 0 9
  • Vienna Sounds of Easter
  • Easter Market
April 9 4 14 Vienna City Marathon
May 15 9 20
  • Wiener Festwochen
  • Life Ball
June 18 13 23
  • Vienna Pride & Rainbow Parade
  • Vienna Danube Island Festival
  • Austria Skate Marathon
July 19 14 24
  • Jazz Festival Vienna
  • ImPulsTanz Vienna
August 19 14 24 Afrika Tage Wien
September 15 10 19
  • Wiener Wiesn
  • Vienna Fashion Week
October 10 6 14 Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival)
November 5 2 7
  • The Buch Wien Lesefestwoche international book fair
  • Vienna Art Week
December -1 -3 2
  • Christmas Markets
  • Kaiserball / Imperial Ball
  • Viennese Silvesterpfad

Seasonal Overview


Vienna Wien3 by DsadeThough spring officially begins in late March, the weather is unpredictable at this time of year. Austrian farmers, in fact, have a saying for the month of April: ‘April, April, der macht was er will,' which translates more or less to ‘April does what it wants’. This can be said of spring in general in Vienna, which can see anything from heavy snowfall and more freezing temperatures, to endless days of rain, or even to sunny skies and summer-like days, which of course is the weather everyone hopes for. The key for this time of the year is flexibility and being prepared for anything. Once the season does find its way, however, the city is achingly beautiful and full of palpable energy. From cherry blossom trees to endless tulips and manicured gardens, Vienna wakes from its winter slumber with each new bloom.


Vienna Summer Palace by jula julzSummer in Vienna is when the city truly comes alive. Warm temperatures reach 35°C (95°F), the days are sunny, and daylight extends well into the evening. Though it can sometimes get humid, Vienna thankfully has its windy breeze. Feared in the winter but welcome in the summer, this keeps things comfortable during the warmest months. While many famous attractions go on hiatus during the summer (the opera, for example), a whole new repertoire of activities and events begins. With open-air films, outdoor dining, ice cream parlours, cultural festivals, nearly 50 public swimming pools, and the many outdoor offerings on the Danube Island, there are plenty of things to do and places to be keep you outside. Getting out of the city and into the Alps for hiking should also be on your list. Note that Vienna gets a fair amount of rainfall in summer months, with thunderstorms sometimes popping up unexpectedly. Make sure to always have an umbrella in your bag!


Autumn in Vienna by Wien-ViennaThough autumn marks the return of cooler temperatures, it’s also one of the driest periods in Vienna. With sunny days, blue skies, crisp air, and little rainfall, it is truly one of the loveliest times of the year. Vienna’s extensive greenery is transformed into golden shades of orange and red and the city stuns with its beauty. This season also marks one of the most important periods for the Viennese – harvest time. Though Vienna is indeed a city, autumn ushers in a pastoral feel with the harvest of the capital’s vineyards and various food festivals celebrating the season’s most ubiquitous crops.

The Viennese go crazy for Sturm, a seasonal drink of wine in its early stages. This drink is quintessential to the time of year and available everywhere from restaurants to supermarkets. A much loved event is the ‘Vienna Wine Hiking Days,’ which takes place annually at the end of September and allows visitors to hike through some of the city’s vineyards that are off-limits the rest of the year. While temperatures can indeed be chilly this time of year, they are nowhere near the freezing levels they reach in winter. Appropriate clothing is the best way to ensure you can still enjoy this season outdoors. With fewer tourists, lower prices, drier days, and the return of the opera and other attractions, this is a wonderful time of year to visit Vienna.


winter morning at Schönbrunn by tracXThe first season of the year is by far the longest. Though it varies from year to year, every Viennese winter sees its fair share of below-freezing temperatures, seemingly endless grey skies, and heavy snowfall. Not everything is dreary, however. The city is transformed over the holidays into a winter wonderland with brightly lit Christmas markets serving warm mulled wine, selling traditional hand crafts, and spreading merriment and cheer. Ice skating rinks, curling facilities, and even cross-country skiing trails open for public use around the capital. World-class alpine skiing is a day trip away. And of course, in a city known so well for its café culture, it’s especially during these chilly months that the city’s cafes fill with patrons seeking cosy ambiance and warm beverages. Don’t forget your thermal underwear!