Cuatro Torres Business Area

Cuatro Torres Business Area, the skyline of Madrid

  • Cuatro Torres Business Area is the main business district of the capital of Spain, Madrid, and one of the most modern. There are four towers that give it its name and that are a very important part of the skyline of the city, and that gave the city a modern and futuristic touch. The tallest one is the Torre Caja Madrid, which is 250 metres tall; followed by the Torre de Cristal (Crystal Tower), with 249 m., the Torre PwC, with 235 and the Torre Espacio (Space Tower), with 230.
    Cuatro Torres Business Area may not be a touristic place, but it’s very recommendable to go see the sun go down behind the two big skyscrapers – a beautiful postcard view of the skyline of Madrid.
  • Madrid is a big city, and it is divided in different districts that are themselves divided in neighbourhoods. Cuatro Torres Business Area is located in the district of Fuencarral-El Pardo, the biggest of all the district but not the most populated, since it is full of green areas like the hill of El Pardo. Cuatro Torres Business Area is located in the neighbourhood of La Paz, which is a business area, so you won’t see many tourists during your stay there – your neighbours will mostly be locals! The neighbourhood of La Paz has a population of more than 37.000 people, 93% of which are Spanish.
  • West of Cuatro Torres Business Area you will find a few green areas like Parque Norte. After crossing it, in Calle Ginzo de Lima, you will find a shopping paradise! In this street, you will find El Corte Inglés, a famous Spanish department store where you will be able to buy clothes, perfumes, jewellery, home décor items, gifts, entertainment products and many other things. And you will also find a shopping centre called Centro Comercial La Vaguada, located in the park with the same name. There you will find major fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Intimissimi, Lefties and Prenatal. There is also a Disney Store, so your kids will be able to do some shopping as well.
    You can arrive to this commercial area by taking metro line 9 up to station Barrio del Piral, but it’s not too far to go by foot.
  • Madrid is a big city, and Cuatro Torres Business Area is a little bit far from the city centre, as the business area of any city usually is. However, if you book one of the apartments near Cuatro Torres Business Area you will have very easy access to the city centre nonetheless, because Madrid has great transportation networks. The easiest one, and usually the one that tourists prefer, is the metro. Near Cuatro Torres Business Area there are three different metro lines that you can take. The closest station to where the four famous towers are is Begoña, which is next to the Hospital Universitario de La Paz, a bit further north of the towers. There, you will be able to get line 10, which will stop next in the train station Madrid Chamartín and the metro station Plaza de Castilla (where the Gate of Europe and the KIO Towers are), where you can also get lines 1 and 9. Both line 1 and 10 go south and cross the city centre, so they will be quite useful for you. Finally, you can also get line 9 in station Ventilla, west of Plaza de Castilla.
  • Cuatro Torres Business Area is, like its name indicates, a business district, so there aren’t many tourist attractions in the areas. Still, it is a nice place to visit: it’s the most modern part of Madrid, and it is worth seeing thanks to the unique skyline. You can start your little tour in Plaza de Castilla, where you will be able to see the leaning KIO towers, popularly called the Gate of Europe. Then, you can walk up Paseo de la Castellana until you arrive to the four towers. Then, we recommend you to go visit the beautiful Parque Norte, a beautiful green area where you can go on a picnic. As you walk around it, you will still be able to see the skyline from some places. You can enjoy the sunset from one of those spots, and then go enjoy the atmosphere in some of the pubs we recommended in the ‘Nightlife’ section.
  • The apartments near Cuatro Torres Business Area are surrounded by good and fancy restaurants. If there is something that you can be sure to find in Madrid, that is good food! You can choose from taverns where you can have tapas or seafood and fish dishes (yes, Madrid may not have seaside, but they know how to cook fish too!), such as the Taberna de Castellana, La Bodega de Luis o Más que Pintxos, where you will be able to try a kind of tapas, the pintxos, typical from the north of Spain. You can also try typical Spanish dishes like snails in Materia Prima, Más Jamón or Tates Castellana. If you want to try something different, there are also some fusion options, like Latasia. Even if Cuatro Torres Business Area isn’t a touristic place, make sure to check the prices before entering a place, because some of the restaurants might be pricey. Don’t let a bad surprise ruin your delicious meal!
  • The apartments near Cuatro Torres Business Area are in the business centre of Madrid, so it isn’t typically a party area. However, there are still some places where you can go dancing or to have a drink – you’re in Madrid after all, one of the liveliest cities in Europe! In Calle de Mauricio Legrende, you will find a brewery-pub called Dala’s Cervecería Bar. In the same street you will have another similar places, the Cervecería La Segunda Base. However, if you want to mingle with the locals while surrounded of some real nightlife atmosphere, we recommend you to go a bit further south until you are closer to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. In Avenida de Brasil, you will find plenty of bars, pubs and other venues such as Moby Dick, which offers a varied concert agenda and a dancing floor where you will be able to move to the rhythm of hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s. But if you don’t want to go there, you can go south and stop before, around the metro station Cuzco, where you will find plenty of elegant and unique pubs such as Klimt Madrid, where you will be able to choose among a fancy gin&tonic menu; Kube, also specialised in gin&tonic and with great music played by a DJ, or Kerala, a flamenco-fusion club where you can dance through an unforgettable evening.

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