Shopping in Barcelona: indispensable in Barcelona

Barcelona és bona si la bossa sona”. (Barcelona is better if your purse is full).

How right that saying is! And that the Catalan capital is an ideal city for shopping. Not only because of the many deals that you can find, but because the main shopping areas are also interesting touristic parts of the city. Find out where to go shopping in Barcelona with us!

shopping en BarcelonaBarcelona, as you would know, is synonymous with design. The idiosyncrasy of its stores reflects this willingness to champion the design and originality, as is reflected in its modernist façades. This is because going shopping in Barcelona also means getting lost in the areas of the city filled with modernist building such as Passeig de Gracia, or walking through the medieval history of the city such as in the Gothic Quarter.

If you already have your shopping list ready for Barcelona, you only need to write down your areas of interest based on what you need to buy, or those close to your holiday apartment. Prepare your wallet and go shopping in Barcelona!

The main shopping areas of Barcelona

Portal de l’Àngel

If there is a zone that is particularly excellent for shopping in Barcelona, that would be Portal de l'Angel. It is the business hub of the city. To get to Portal de l'Angel you can easily walk from Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona metro lines L1 and L3). You’ll find this shopping street promenade parallel to the Ramblas on the left (going from Plaza Catalunya).

shopping en BarcelonaPortal de l'Angel is the main entrance to the Barcelona Gothic Quarter. So you’ll find a street bustling with people shopping, and other tourists. From here you can easily access the Barcelona Cathedral, or the Plaza Sant Jaume which is the City Hall.

In Portal de l'Angel you’ll find the main clothing brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear, H&M, as well as a large shopping centre called Corte Ingles, which has 4 floors dedicated exclusively to upscale clothing brands, and an official FC Barcelona shop.

On top of this, in one of the side streets running from Portal de l'Angel, you'll find the old refuge of modernist Barcelona: the Restaurant Els 4 Gats. Here, in the early twentieth century modernist artists flocked to Barcelona and talked about the political and social situation of the city. Among them, Antoni Gaudi or Santiago Rusiñol could be found, and even Pablo Picasso during his times in Barcelona.

Calle Pelayo

shopping en BarcelonaWithout leaving Plaça Catalunya and also close to Portal de l'Angel you’ll find the street Pelayo, another important shopping area in Barcelona. The feature of this street is that it is an avenue that connects Plaza Universidad with the Ramblas.

Here you can also go shopping in major clothing brand shops like Mango, Zara, Pull&Bear or TopShop. Traditionally the locals came to this street to buy shoes because there were many shoe shops found here, however few of them have survived until today.

In the same Pelayo street, you can access culture related products in The Triangle or Fnac. This building separates Plaza Catalunya and Calle Pelayo and has up to 3 levels where you can buy books, music or concert tickets.

Passeig de Gracia

If you're looking to go shopping in Barcelona at the highest level, your place is Passeig de Gracia. The city’s greatest avenue is a mini reproduction of what could be considered the very Champs Elysées in Paris; it’s one of the Barcelona trade hubs: there you’ll find the Barcelona Stock Exchange and highly renowned boutiques. shopping en BarcelonaSo, Paseo de Gracia combines the best design of Barcelona in its facades, because located here are Casa Batllo and La Pedrera, both by Antoni Gaudi. Casa Amatller by Josep Puig i Cadafalch can also be found here.

In this great avenue, you can purchase items from large and exclusive brands such as Bottega Veneta, Loui Vuitton, Tiffany's or Prada. Also, you can also buy decorative items in Lladró, at the upper end of Passeig de Gracia.


shopping en BarcelonaFor those who wish to enjoy shopping with views of the Barcelona sea, what better place to do it than at the Maremagnum shopping complex. You can reach it by walking down Las Ramblas and crossing the bridge over the port.

An interesting point about this complex is that it’s the only shopping place that stays open on Sundays throughout Barcelona. The clothing brands you’ll find there are the same as those that are in Calle Pelayo and Portal de l'Angel, however with service from Monday to Friday, and with cafes and restaurants in the same complex.

The Boqueria Market

You cannot leave Barcelona without going shopping in the famous Boqueria Market in Las Ramblas. Located in Raval, it’s a short walk from the metro station Liceu (L3).

shopping en BarcelonaConsidering that this is the largest market based on surface area in all of Spain, the main feature of this market is that you can buy food that is typical of the city. You’ll find delicatessens, fishmongers and other produce businesses that will not go unnoticed by you.

So, is Barcelona better when your purse is full? Of course it is! We hope you enjoy this route of the most important Barcelona shopping areas. You will surly have many stories to tell when you visit. We hope that you will tell us about your experience soon!