Shopping in Paris: the essentials in the French capital

Remember the famous scene of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman shopping on Rodeo Drive in Las Vegas? How could you forget it! If there is a city in Europe that can mimic this famous scene, that place is Paris. Would you like to find out why? In this article you will learn also what the main areas for shopping in Paris are.

paris shoppingParis receives has many nicknames: it’s known as the City of Lights as it’s the birthplace of the enlightened thoughts of Europe during the French Revolution; the City of Love for its magical atmosphere and romantic because millions of couples have fallen in love; and the city of fashion, for the many brands and upscale boutiques are concentrated in it.

Not only the boutiques make Paris a city famous for fashion, the fashion week in Europe is also hosted there annually. Next to Milan, Paris one of the few European cities where the fashion sense is highly developed. You cannot leave Paris without having gone shopping, and we assure you that you will make a complete 180 degree turn to what you usually find in your closet.

Want to know where you should go for a fantastic day of shopping in Paris? Here we’ll show you!

Main areas for shopping in Paris

Champs Elysées

There is a famous song by Joe Dassin that says: "Il ya tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs Elysées" (there is anything you want on the Champs Elysees). This majestic avenue more than 1km from the centre of Paris is one of the main streets for shopping in all of Europe.

champs elysees louis vuittonJust walking down it, you will understand why it is a must see for places to go shopping in Paris. Crowned at its top by the Arc de Triomphe and ending with the Louvre’s gardens, Tuileries and Place de la Concorde, the Champs Elysées will blow you away from beginning to end.

You can find big brands like Prada, Dolce Gabbana or even a 3 storey Louis Vuitton building. Curiously, you should know that to access this brand, you have to make a separate line of a museum: there is even a security guard who sets the guidelines for the people who may or may not enter! Also, you will find not only boutiques and luxury brands, but there are also many banks (like BNP) located on this avenue; culture has not escaped the Champs Elysées: you will find several cinemas and a large Virgin store where you can buy CDs or books.

Galleries La Fayette

la fayette parisThe ultimate expression of luxury as far as fashion and accessories for women are concerned, he is in the famous Galleries Lafayette. This is a place full of elegance and good taste, where you can also see their spectacular showcases.

To get to the Galleries Lafayette, you can go to the metro stop Opera. You can also arrive quickly with the L12 in the station Saint Lazare.


One of the favorite areas for Parisians to go shopping in Paris is at the shopping centre called the Chatelet, in the Marais district (1st Arrondissement). It can be accessed from the same metro station, or is only a few meters from the Pompidou Centre.

Here you will find brands such as Zara, Bershka and Mango, as well as many grocery stores. It is also a place of leisure because there are theaters and several restaurants there too.

La Défense

La Defense is the most famous business district of Paris, and can be recognised easily him from the Arc de Triomphe: its tall skyscrapers mean that it is unmistakable to the city skyline.

la defense parisIn La Defense, which you can reach by metro L1 or RER A (red), you can get lost in a big shopping complex, one of the main places for shopping for the inhabitants of the outskirts of the city (or what is known as the banlieue). Not only are the shops for everyone in the metro and train station, but there is a shopping center that can be reached from outside.

In the La Defense shopping centre you’ll find the same brands as in Châtelet, being divided into 3 floors with restaurants and cinemas.

Marché aux Puces

marche aux pucesYou cannot leave Paris without getting to know one of its most popular markets: The Flea Market. This open-air market takes place every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and is very close to the metro station de Marcadet-Poissoniers.

This is a very special place in the French capital where you will see another side of the city. It’s not so famous for the products sold there, but by the prices you’ll find there. There are several stands with shoes reduced by over 25% compared to shop prices.

In Paris, it’s impossible not to feel like a Hollywood star when you go shopping. What did you think of this walk through the main shopping areas in Paris? Did you already know about any of them? Tell us about your experience and leave your recommendations for other travelers!