London is a wonderful thriving and cosmopolitan city, with a rainy charm that has attracted many filmmakers. It’s the perfect location for romance, action and mystery, and it is wide and diverse enough to admit very particular scenario needs. We have prepared a short selection of some of our favourite films set in London – watching them will be a great way to build up for your next trip there!

Films set in London: Classics, action and romance

These are some of the most famous films set in London – as we know, production and artistic demands are sometimes quite picky, so the there are some films here that may surprise you!

  • A Clockwork Orange: London made a great scenario for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. It was filmed in the south-east of the city, in Thamesmead, which made for the perfect dystopian location.


5 films set in London
  • Notting Hill:  Maybe Paris and Venice steal the ‘romantic city’ seal from London, but in the capital of England there is plenty of space for romance, and that appears in many films set in London. Notting Hill, starring the power couple formed by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, is one of the most successful ones.
  • Batman Begins: We all picture Gotham City as an American city, and it is – Chicago particularly, in the films by Christopher Nolan. However, some of the locations are actually in London, like the interior of the State Courts of Gotham City, which are actually in the University of London, in the Bloomsbury building.
  • Harry Potter Series: The Harry Potter movies are not just filmed in London, of course, but we can’t deny that they are strongly linked to the British capital. In fact, Harry Potter has created a whole new tourism market niche for London. Who doesn’t have a picture in platform 9 3/4?
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary: And, of course, also its sequels! The exhilarating anti-heroine is a Londoner from head to toe, and in her films you will be able to spot many famous locations in the city!


Have you seen any of these movies? Of course, there are many more – tell us which are your favourite films set in London in the comments section!


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