The city of Amsterdam has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying its wonderful museum offer. There are many interesting and famous museums in the capital of the Netherlands, including the popular Van Gogh Museum, but the Rijksmuseum, which is its national museum, is probably the most important.

Around one million people visit it every year, and with good reason: it has an impressive collection of paintings from the Dutch golden age, and there you will be able to learn lots about the political and cultural impact of the period. There you will be able to see works by artists as important as Rembrandt (his paintings are in fact the main attraction of the museum), Vermeer, Fra Angelico, Francisco de Goya, Piet Mondrian and Frans Hals, as well as many important historical pieces of incalculable value, such as dresses, sculptures and jewellery. A real treat for those who love historical art!

The building where the Rijksmuseum is located is also remarkable: it was built by architect Pierre Cuypers combining Gothic and Renaissance style, and it makes for a beautiful sight.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - Gowithoh

Some useful information about the Rijksmuseum

If you’re planning a visit to Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, take good note of the following details, which will be very useful during your stay in the Venice of the North.

  1. The Rijksmuseum is located in a square called Museumplein, next to the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. In the beautiful and relaxing Museumplein you will find the famous giant letters that spell “I amsterdam”, so taking a picture is mandatory! If you’re travelling with children, they will surely love climbing on the letters to take several pictures. It is also very close to Vondelpark, so you can even go on a picnic there after visiting the impressive art collection of the Rijksmuseum.
  2. It opens every day from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, and the price of the adult tickets is 17,50 euros. However, you can also access with your Museumkaart, which allows you to enter several museums in the city.
  3. The Rijksmuseum is also very close to the Heineken Experience, so after some art you can go on a tour there, enjoy a beer and discuss all the paintings you’ve seen.


Get your tickets to the Rijksmuseum

Are you ready to visit the Rijksmuseum, the most important museum of Amsterdam? Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments!

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