Rome is a beautiful city, wonderful in its chaos. There is a lot of history, a lot of culture, and it can be one of your favourite destinations ever. However, when you choose Rome as your summer vacation there is a little problem, especially if you’re travelling with children: the heat! Rome is hot in the summer, the sun can be ruthless sometimes, and, considering its main attraction are the Roman ruins located all over the city… You’re going have to walk quite a lot!


Fortunately, there is a yummy solution for this, one of the highlights of Italian cuisine: gelato! Choosing between pizza, pasta and gelato is an impossible task, but you won’t have to do it while visiting Rome. There’s time, and hunger, for everything! We have prepared a list of the places where to get the best gelato in Rome, so you can fight the heat in the best possible way.


Where to ge the best gelato in Rome - Gowithoh

Where to get the best gelato in Rome


If you’re a fan of gelato (and who isn’t?), take good note of the following places, which will be a real present to your taste buds:

  1. Gelateria del Teatro: Some say they offer the yummiest gelato in Rome… So we’ll have to go there to see if it’s true! It’s located in Via dei Coronari, 65.
  2. Fatamorgana: If you like to try new things, this ice cream place is the one for you. You will find all the traditional flavours, yes, but also creative options such as gorgonzola gelato and other crazy ones. All their gelato is gluten-free. It’s located in Piazza degli Zingari.
  3. Grom: If creamy gelato isn’t your thing, in Grom you will find all sorts of sorbet and fruity options. You will find it at Via dei Giubbonari, 52.
  4. Tre Scalini: The best part (besides the delicious gelato, of course) about Tre Scalini is its location, in beautiful Piazza Navona. Their specialty is the tartufo gelato.
  5. Il Gelato Fantasia: Another place with original creations, and, besides, in a wonderful location: right next to the imperial Circus Maximus! The address is Viale Aventino, 59.

Are you ready to eat your weight’s worth of gelato during your holidays? We’d like to ask you to bring us some of the best gelato in Rome, but since that may pose some logistic complications, we’ll settle with hearing about your gelato experiences!


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