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“Feeding the planet, energy for life”

What’s Expo Milan 2015? 

The Expo 2015 is the Universal Exhibition which will take place between May 1st and October 31st in Milan. It is the largest event ever about nutrition and feeding. It is the second time that Milan hosts an Universal Exhibition; the first one was the “Milan International” of 1996, dedicated to transportation. However, this exposition will be even bigger than the previous. The EXPO of 2015 is dominated by the global movement changing for a different planet, fighting for health and correct and safe nutrition for everyone living on this earth.  That is why Milan will be the global showcase for 145 different countries. These countries will show their new technology and ideas answering the question: Is possible to provide healthy, safe and sufficient food for all people, while taking care of the planet and its balance? Finding the answers on this question is the aim of the Milan Expo 2015.

“Expo Milan 2015: 184 unique days of culture and science, innovation and tradition, sustainability and solidarity where visitors can find over one hundred national cuisines each with their own tastes, aromas, and colours”

Expo Milano 2015

The logo:

Yellow, blue and magenta are the colours that characterize the Milan Expo 2015 logo. These colors are giving life to a rainbow of colors that recall the topic of the exhibition: the different shades among countries, their diversities and contradictions can only find the solution in the mutual support of all of them. The EXPO logo wants to communicate: “Together for a better world”.

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life means food security, access to food, and sustainability: all the central themes in the work and mission of some of the most important organizations worldwide”

Expo Milan 2015

Starting from May 1st Milan will host 145 countries on a surface of 1,1 million m² and almost 29 million visitors from all over the world are estimated.

Besides the 145 countries participating, three international organizations will join the event, such as the European Union, CERN and the United Nations and 13 non-governmental organizations.

The countries that will participate with their own pavilion are Italy, Japan, Germany and Brazil. The others countries will be grouped on the basis of the food group they belong to. There will be 9 different clusters:

  • Rice
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Fruits and Legumes
  • Spices
  • Cereals and Tubers
  • Bio-Mediterraneum
  • Island sea and Food
  • Arid zones

Who are the Ambassadors of the Expo 2015?

The Ambassadors of the Universal Exposition are 72 famous writers, athletes, designers, architects, chefs, musicians, singers, actors and entertainers. Among them you will find famous Italian names as well as international panorama, such as: Ricardo Kakà (Brazilian football player), Jonathan Coe (English writer), Massimiliano Fuksas (Italian architect), Salvatore Veca (Italian philosopher), Gianluigi Buffon (Italian football player), Joe Bastianich (American Chef), Martina Colombari (Italian actress), Malika Ayane (Italian singer), Carla Fracci (Italian dancer) and many others. Each of them spreads their own message, will explain what it means for them and will share their own vision.

“I believe that Expo Milano 2015, more than solutions, will provide ideas: an action plan that visitors will be able to take back to their countries and use as a strategy at global level in order to face our greatest problem ever: how to guarantee healthy nutrition worldwide. This is a right, not a privilege.”

Joe Bastianich – American Chef 


Normally, if the ticket is bought before the opening day (the 1st of May) it costs less. In order to purchase one you have to visit the official page . There are different ticket options, all customized to your needs. The organization provides a family package, Carnet for 2/3 days, evening tickets, special discounts for people over 65 years and students under 26, and school tickets.

Expo Milan 2015 is one of the most awaited Universal Exhibitions in the world and it is absolutely worth a visit! If you want to join it, check our apartments in Milan, buy your ticket for the event and dive into 145 different cultures, in their cuisines and their colours! 

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