‘Go with Oh’ has teamed up with Charlie Grosso and Pamela McNaughtan as they prepare to drive 10,000 miles across Europe and Asia in the annual Mongol Rally.

Under the team name ‘SM Stowaway,’ Charlie and Pamela have put their day jobs aside to undertake the journey of a lifetime. Amazingly, the two have never met but are united by a thirst for adventure. Charlie is a photographer in New York, while Pamela is a blogger from Orangeville, Canada.

The pair are determined to raise $75,000 for Mongolia-based orphans’ shelter, The Lotus Children’s Centre. Amid the often harsh social conditions in this part of the world, the centre provides care, education and community for children without a home.

The ladies will have their first face-to-face meeting in Prague, staying in one of Oh-Prague’s holiday apartments and exploring the city with the help of crowd-sourced travel tips shared via social media.

Go with Oh sponsors SM Stowaway

Five lucky fans will win $150 worth of prizes between them. Donated by ‘Go with Oh’, these prizes will also come with a T-shirt crafted in honour of the trip, displaying the SM Stowaway slogan: ‘Adventures aren’t just for boys.’

The team shared their excitement: “We can hardly wait to get started on this intense adventure. Thanks to ‘Go with Oh’ and our amazing readers, we’ll get to indulge in the delights of Prague, before the really tough part begins!”

Before long, it will be time for the intrepid team to hit the road, leaving behind the steeples of the Czech capital for a 10,000 mile drive across rocky mountains, arid deserts and politically dangerous territory.

Sara Robles, Social Media Manager at ‘Go with Oh’, said: “We wish the SM Stowaway ladies the very best of luck. We admire them for taking on this incredible challenge and we’re grateful for the chance to help out!”

This year’s Mongol Rally is the latest in a series of partnerships between Open House and travel enthusiasts. Spring 2012 saw competition winner Sherry Ott travel to four European cities courtesy of ‘Go with Oh.’ Meanwhile, the next winner, Texas travel blogger Leah Walker, is preparing to take her own city-hopping trip this autumn.