March has been an eventful month for the GowithOh team as we launched our latest and most ambitious project. Titled ‘The GowithOh Experiment – Living la Vida Local’, it’s designed to get to the heart of some hard-hitting questions: what does it mean, practically, to live like a local? Is it attainable, and if so, how? Do people actually want realistic travel experiences? Does staying in a rental apartment make it easier or more difficult to achieve?

All throughout the month, we’ve been hosting a troupe of travel writers in our rental apartments across various European cities. The protagonists of the campaign were acclaimed travel writer and photographer Sherry Ott (a longstanding friend of ours) and Emmy award-winning TV writer, producer and travel blogger Lisa Lubin. Over the course of the month the duo has been busy blogging, exploring and putting the concept of “living like a local” under the microscope.

Meanwhile, the winners of our spring 2013 GowithOh blogging competition, Captain and Clark, have been hopscotching across our other European destinations, testing the ‘living like a local’ theory from a short-term perspective. Don’t miss their take on apartment living in London.


Back in Berlin, we were delighted to attend the ITB conference, the world’s leading travel trade show. Donning our snazzy experiment lab coats, we met and mingled with delegates from all over the world, and loved the chance to meet up with some of the travel writers we work with so regularly. Well-known writers such as Michael Hodson, Pete and Dalene and Melvin Böcher from iambassadors all pitched in and shared their thoughts on our living like a local campaign.

Another highlight was being able to host various travel writers from around the world in the Berlin Blog House organised by Sebastian, co-founder of We had a brilliant time being your host in the city!