Do you remember our #GowithOhBoard project? Some time ago we asked our Instagram friends to answer our travel questions in the most creative way! And here is the result! Have a look. Would you have answered in a different way? Enjoy :-)

Here’s the first sentence we asked you! “We travel not to escape life but to ______.” These are the answers we got!

This is our second board! Our favorite answer comes from Jörg! We could perfectly live without work! What about you?

Here’s our favorite question and our favorite answer! “If you could travel back in time, where would you go? To my last meal!”. That must have been a delicious meal!

We love to travel and we talk about how amazing is it every day! However, all that glitters is not gold! What’s the thing you hate most about traveling?

Our sixth board was dedicated to the perfect traveler. We totally agree with Jenna and we think that a good traveler should possess a love of learning. What’s your opinion about that? Read further, there are some great answers!

You must have been disappointed at least once in your life while visiting a city! Which city was the worst that you visited?

The last question leads your mind to the most famous city of love, Paris! What would you like to visit in the city of light? We love the Sacré-Cœur Basilica at Montmartre! 

At GowithOh, we are an enthusiastic team of self-confessed Europhiles who are passionate about travel. We especially love the variety of city breaks possible in Europe, from the historic UNESCO heritage cities like Prague, to the more cosmopolitan beachside destinations like Barcelona. We love discovering the hidden gems in different cities and sharing them with our fans so everyone can benefit and enjoy the perfect city break in Europe.