Whether you are coming to Paris by plane, train, car or by camel’s back here is some advice to help you feel more comfortable while travelling.

For long-distance flights, forget heels and excessive makeup, comfort is the most important thing!

For the bottom half, opt for leggings or loose trousers which will make your journey more comfortable and allow you to sleep a bit easier.

For the top half, layers are the way forward to combat unpredictable air conditioning. Start with a loose t-shirt in case your car, train or plane is warm, and add a sweater or cardigan.

Don’t forget either to bring a scarf or a foulard. Not only do they help you look the part, they are vital in preventing you from catching the cold. Bringing a pair of socks for the journey is also a good tip if you’re travelling in winter.




Regarding the shoes we said it before but we will say it again: comfort comes first! So put on your favourite pair of Converse or if not, a pair of UGG’s.

And finally, what size bag should you take? A shopping bag is the best option to make sure you can fit in all your essentials including your Survival Travel Kit.

What’s a Survival Travel Kit and what should it contain?

Easy J … All the indispensable products to keep you feeling beautiful and fresh throughout your flight or ride.


Essentials may include:

  • moisturizing cream


  • hand sanitizer


  • atomizer


  • eye drops/earplugs


  • deodorant


  • perfume
  • chap stick


  • compact mirror


  • travel comb or brush


  • kleenex


  • sleep mask


  • toothbrush/paste


And last but not least, you will have time to kill. So don’t forget to bring a good book, fashion magazines and the best of your playlist J


And for all of you wondering how a Parisian woman dresses while travelling:


Parisian woman travel outfit:


Tell us… what are your tips while travelling?

Coming soon … Paris Fashion Calendar

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