London is England’s royal city, besides the parliament and the palaces of the royal family, there are other famous names grown up or related to the capital city.

In which district would you like to spend the night and where do you want to go during your trip? This article will give you a sneak preview on the most popular districts, a royal tour showing you London’s pride!

East: Royal Sports

For our first royal district was originally the traditional working-class district. Hitched to the reputation of the Olympic Games in 2012, East-London is now a very popular place. Visit the Olympic park and experience how top athletes lived during the games!

Andy Murray - GowithOh London District Royal Tour Fact: During the Olympics England won 29 golden medals, 17 silver medals, and 19 bronze medals! One of the most important victories came from the British tennis player Andy Murray; he was the first British tennis player that could claim an Olympic medal by defeating Roger Federer!

Other Highlights: Visit London’s oldest theatre; Theatre Royal, also known as Drury Lane, for a good drama.

Waterloo: Royal Play

Our second stop is the district Waterloo named after the famous Emperor of the French, and is the title of a song from the famous music group ABBA. Waterloo represents the royal writer William Shakespeare. Visit a play in Shakespeare’s Globe, a reconstruction of the original Globe Theater.

Fact: If you want to visit a play in the Globe we recommend you to book your tickets in advance to prevent disappointment.

Other Highlights: On the pavement near Waterloo station, is usually a hive of activity, from young skateboarders practicing their skills to street performers wowing the crowds.

Westminster: Royal Family

Maybe the most royal district of London is Westminster, so on your royal tour you cannot miss out on the Queen’s London residence, Buckingham Palace! If you are visiting London during July and August you will have the opportunity to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony from outside.

British Royal Family - GowithOh Royal Tour Fact: The Big Ben since the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 called the Elizabeth Tower!

Other Highlights: Even if you are not fan of opera, take a look at the Royal Opera House. It is a breathtaking building, housing The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet and the Orchestra.

Camden: Royal Park

Regent’s Park in Camden is one of London’s Royal Parks and is with its 395 acres more than just a park. It includes the ZSL London Zoo on-site with its 12,000 animals, Open Air Theatre during the summer, Primrose Hill, multiple gardens, and England’s largest waterfowl!

Fact: Regent Park is the-place-to-be if you love roses; with the various Queen Mary’s Gardens in the park it showcases 30,000 roses of 400 species.

Other Highlights: Camden also contains some of London’s best open air markets, selling everything from international foods to local handmade souvenirs.

North: Royal Poets

John Keats - GowithOh London Royal Tour North-London housed the English romantic poet John Keats from 1818 to 1820 and still you will understand why this area was such a great inspiration for him, while walking through the picturesque surroundings.

Fact: North London is definitely appreciated by the British superstars. Inter alia, Kate Moss, Rod Stewart, George Michael and Ewan McGregor are living or have lived in this district.

Other Highlights: Go to Lord’s Cricket Ground, popularly known as Lord’s, is a cricket venue owned by the Marylebone Cricket Club and houses multiple clubs.

Now you know more about the popular districts and for more things to do in London we recommend you our day guides. These guides give you information about other highlights, restaurants, shopping, transport and much more. It makes planning your city trip to London exciting; do you already know in which apartment you want to stay?

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