It’s a necessary part of every holiday, yet packing your luggage can sometimes seem like an Olympic sport!

For most of us, there is nothing worse than packing. Asking yourself endless questions like what should I include? What can I leave behind? With so many difficult decisions, it’s easy to block it out and put it off until that last minute panic.

Honestly who hasn’t stared at a bulging suitcase that just won’t close, picked up their phone and called their mum or best friend for help?!

“…Yeah but if it rains I should bring that too, shouldn’t I?

« What if I go to a classy restaurant… that pair of heels would be perfect, right?”

«What do you mean 5 pairs of sunglasses it’s too many?!!!” 


  • How to dress like a Parisian while in Paris

If you want to blend in and feel like a real Parisian during your stay in Paris, you should definitely pack with a mind on the Parisian style.

Whether you’re going to Paris for a couple of days, a week or even longer, take care not to be “heavy-handed” and be organized!

First and foremost, be reasonable. The Parisian knows how to reinvent herself and she will always find a million ways to create an outfit from just a few pieces. So adopt this mentality: be creative and don’t fill your luggage with items you are unlikely to wear.

In order to make packing and selecting your clothes just a little bit easier, here are some examples of the perfect Parisian outfit depending on the season. But bear in mind that whatever the time of year, the weather is unpredictable in Paris so don’t forget your umbrella!

Parisian lookalike

What about you? Do you think you dress like Parisian women?

Do you have any of their pieces in your wardrobe?

Coming soon … How to dress for travel

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