Christmas is gone, and with it, the lights and decorations, the planning, the holidays (if you were lucky enough to have them), our figure… And our money! And, as weird as it sounds, it feels like, after thinking about Christmas all the time, our purpose is gone as well. But we can find another one pretty soon: Surviving January! After so many days of eating and being with the family, going back to our old life can be a bit tricky… And we could use some help!

surviving january

Surviving January doesn’t have to be hard

Here you have our top recommendations on what to do with yourself after the holidays. Surviving January is all about indulging a little, so be kind to yourself!

  • Netflix and a blanket: Many of us are sort of broke when Christmas is over, so surviving January may be easier if we find some low-key activity we enjoy and doesn’t cost too much money. Netflix could become your best friend for the rest of the winter ¾or a few books, or your DVD collection. This idea can be further improved if you have a cat to cosy up with.
  • Plan a trip: If you didn’t spend too much in Christmas, or you’re sure that your pocket will recover soon, you can get past the January blues by planning a new trip. It doesn’t have to be a long one ¾a weekend getaway will be enough to lift your mood!
  • Get a new hobby: You can buy a kit to brew beer, make a recipe book with all the new dishes you tried during the holidays, knit a sweater or learn to play that old guitar you bought three years ago. It will add something new to fill in the blank left by Christmas!
  • Go traditional: If you truly need a change, remember that the classics are a classic for a reason. Start a healthy diet and hit the gym if you feel that’s what you need!


Surviving January is a matter of all, so how do you do it? Share your tips in the comments – we could use all the help we can get!

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