There is a popular Spanish song that says that ‘Seville has a special colour’, and when you visit this beautiful southern city of Spain you will see that it is completely true.
Not literally, though, but the calmness, the heat, the food and the friendliness of people will make you see everything on a different light. Seville is a city to visit, because it has beautiful landmarks such as the “Alcázar” of Seville, a beautiful palace of “mudéjar” style where you will learn lots about the Moorish past of the city, or the Cathedral with the iconic Giralda, as well as the General Archive of the Indies…

But it is also a city to experience. Go to the Parque del Alamillo, enjoy the food and the tapas, the beer and the “tinto de verano”, mingle with the locals, let them joke about the fact that you’re a tourist and then go with them to the best places of the city.

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