Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and, as it happens with many others, Christmas pretties it up even more! If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona at Christmas there are some things you will love, like the street decorations or the Christmas markets.


The best streets to visit in Barcelona at Christmas are streets Ferran and Princesa, two beautiful streets (actually, just one that changes its name at some point) covered in cobblestones that cut the Gothic district in two and are full of people doing their Christmas shopping. The beauty of these streets combined with the beautiful atmosphere of Barcelona at Christmas turns them into a must for your trip to Barcelona!


The Fira de Santa Llúcia (Santa Llucia Market) is another must for Barcelona at Christmas. It is the main Christmas market in the city, and you will be able to enjoy the giant Tió. Keep reading to find out what it is!


The traditions of Barcelona, at Christmas


It is also possible to enjoy nice and unique traditions in Barcelona at Christmas. For instance, have you ever heard about the Tió de Nadal? The Tió is a very funny tradition that comes from the mythology of Catalonia and Aragon and that is celebrated in Barcelona at Christmas – and of course, in the rest of Catalonia as well. The Tió is a log with a smiley face and a barretina, the typical Catalan hat. It has to be covered with a blanket and fed orange peels in Christmas eve… So it will poo candies and presents on Christmas Day!


Once the Tió is well fed, children sing a song to it and hit it with a stick – which, since it’s a log, it’s a mere pat on the back! While the children sing, one of the adults needs to put their hands under the blanket, and start taking out the ‘poo’ of the Tió. It’s a fun tradition you’ll be able to live if you go by the Cathedral in the Gothic District until the 16th of December.


So, are you ready to enjoy Barcelona at Christmas? The city and its magical atmosphere are waiting for you!

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