We are what we eat” – Feuerbach

Arcimboldo spring


The internet seems to be fit to burst with professional chefs and food lovers promising to teach you to cook “the Italian way”. Magazines, newspapers and television shows always appear to have the latest news about Italian products, techniques and creative Italian cuisine. In fact nowadays, the majority of us don’t even have to travel all that far to find our nearest (supposed to be) Italian restaurant, although often this can be a poor imitation of the real deal.


With this in mind, we can be forgiven for thinking that we “know” about our Italian food. We all know the difference between a “pasta alla Bolognese” and a “pasta alla Carbonara” and can tell a “quattro formaggi” from a “Margherita”.


However, whilst we seem to be almost saturated with information about Italian cooking, there is only one important point that is almost universally true: you cannot truly experience and appreciate Italian cooking until you’ve been to Italy. Traditional Italian food may be beloved all over the world, but is not always as well prepared or well understood: be careful and distrust from the counterfeits!


“Pasta al pomodoro” from the yummy blog Penna e forchetta

So, if you want a true insight into the original Italian culinary tradition, follow GowithOh in our virtual tour among the Italian kitchens.  We’ll explore a selection of traditional dishes from each region along with the wines that best compliment them and discover more about the Italian meal concept, seasonal variations, and plenty more!

When all is said and done, we have to remember that the key to Italian recipes is in their simplicity. So feel free to follow our yummy advice for yourself and let us know how you get on by posting your foodie pictures on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. After all, the first bite is with the eye!

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