Have you ever stayed in a holiday apartment during your vacations?

We hope the answer is yes! If not, we strongly recommend you to try it out. There are only good reasons NOT to book a hotel.

Here are 14 mind-changing indicators how you know you made a mistake and stayed in a hotel:

1. You realize that your hotel room is even smaller than your tiny apartment back home and slowly develop claustrophobia.

claustrophobia hotel room

2. Your travel budget is gone quickly, because you have to eat out the whole day.

no money

3. Housekeeping surprises you in uncomfortable situations.

spongebob embarassed

4. When you have a stroll over the local markets dreaming about all the tasty food you could cook at home, but you simply can’t without a kitchen.

stealing food

5. The receptionist informs you about the fact that they ran out of rooms with great views.

what hotel

6. You realize you can’t have breakfast in your pj’s, or naked, or the food you really crave.

Panda diappointed

7. Your hotel room has really thin walls and you’re forced to party with the people to your left and at the same time you’re forced to be part of the couple’s vacation to your right.

whats wrong with u people

8. You have to share a Wi-Fi connection with all the other guests.

mad at the internet

9. You woke up extra early to enjoy the hotel’s breakfast buffet, just to watch the masses of people getting into a fight over the leftovers.

Food Fight

10. The receptionist is bothered by your questions and gives you a annoyed face every time you walk by.

annoyed receptionist hotel

11. You try to forget the fact that basically every staff member in the hotel has access to your room.

open mouths shocked

12. You used the mini safe, because you had to put your valuable items in a safe place. Now you don’t remember the pin.

ralphie shocked

13. You got downgraded on arrival, because the hotel was overbooked.

downgraded in hotel

14. You expected to eat out in nice local restaurants during your stay and all you find are tourist traps, because the hotel didn’t offer you the fabulous GowithOh city guides beforehand.

tourist trap

Do you think we forgot an important point in our collection of facts why you should book an apartment instead of a hotel? We’d like to hear your opinion in the comment section.

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