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Are you planning a trip to Rome and you’d like to take your pet with you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At GowithOh, we know how important it is to enjoy the company of our furry friend when travelling, so we’ve prepared a selection of dog friendly hotels, Rome being one of the chosen cities. Check them out now!

Travelling with your pet doesn’t pose issues anymore
. More and more tourist agencies and airlines are adapting to this new market trend: travelling with pets. This is why, from GowithOh, we want to help you make a reservation so you can find dog friendly hotels, Rome being your destination.

Rome is a great city to travel to with your pet. Thanks to the amount of open spaces, promenades and pedestrian streets, you’ll be able to walk around the capital of Italy with your dog, freely and without worries. Besides, you’ll be able to spend the afternoon with him in one of the many parks and green areas of the city, like the ones in Villa Borghese.

Have you decided to book your stay in Rome with us? We guarantee you total privacy and freedom to plan your days in your accommodation!

Why book dog friendly hotels, Rome, with GowithOh

If there is something that makes us proud here at GowithOh, it is our strong will to offer a personalised service that respects all the needs the travellers have. This is why this selection of dog friendly hotels, Rome, has been done with as much care as possible: all these accommodations will be delighted to greet your furry friend!

You will have total freedom to be in the apartment with him with no restrictions and far from all the guests you would find in a hotel.

Now, you just have to decide which area of Rome you’d like to stay in. There are many neighbourhoods in Rome, both in residential and tourist areas, where you’ll be able to choose dog friendly hotels. Rome is a better experience if you choose one in a residential area, which is our recommendation: some examples are Prati, Monti or Celio. You could also enjoy the comfort of a fully pedestrian neighbourhood like Trastevere.

Don’t think twice and choose now from our dog friendly hotels! Rome will make an unforgettable destination, in the privacy of your apartment and with the magic that surrounds the Italian capital.

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