Shopping in London

There is nothing you may want to do that you wouldn’t find in the capital of England! So why wouldn’t you go shopping in London? It is one of the places in the world you must visit at least once in your life, so you can experience its magic. The mixture of cultures and architectural styles, as well as the many things you can do at any time of the day, make London a city you’ll never get tired of visiting.

London is a mecca for fashion, music and business, for the most extravagant buildings and quite a particular weather. But you won’t even notice the latter thanks to the beauty of its squares, monuments and exquisite museums. Would you like to witness it all by shopping in London?

shopping in london

Shopping in the capital of England is a whole other experience. The locals don’t have enough with shopping centres, boutiques or fashion shops. They take it to another level by organising flea markets full of particular objects. Have you ever heard of Camden Market or Portobello Road? If you’re going to travel to this great city soon, don’t miss the following tips about where to go shopping in London. Get ready to take notes!

Streets where to go shopping in London

Oxford Street

shopping in london

The paradise of any shopper: With more than 300 stores, it is one of the busiest shopping streets in London. We’re referring to Oxford Street, with more than 3 km of shops and 200 millions of visitors. Here you will find department stores like Marks & Spencer or Debenhams, as well as other typical brand shops like Gap, Zara or Mango.

Besides, in Oxford Street you can also buy souvenirs for your friends, since there are many shops that sell the typical mugs and fridge magnets at a good price.

Bond Street

Bond Street is like a playground for London’s high society. This is the favourite street of celebrities from around the world to go shopping in London. It is famous for notable residents such as Admiral Nelson or Lady Hamilton. Bond Street is the perfect place for those who love fashion and luxury accessories, since it is home to the most prestigious shops in the world. Jimmy Choo, Prada, Burberry, Chanel…

Despite not finding any bargains in Bond Street, visiting it is well worth it: Here you will be able to relax and sit between two of its notable “residents”: The bench of Sir Winston Churchill and president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Regent Street

shopping in london

Regent Street host two of the main icons of the capital of England: one is Libertad, a fantastic shops where you can buy unique creations by many independent designers and that also offers unique images in its window displays. The other icon is the Hamleys toy shop, the biggest toy shop in the world: A paradise for children!


Carnaby was the cradle of fashion during the 60s in terms of shopping in London: All those who wanted to be trendy shopped in the boutiques located in Carnaby. Among the customers, we can count The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

During the 80s, it became a mecca of punk and alternative fashion, until becoming what we know today, a brilliant mixture of common brands, independent boutiques and new designers with unique collections.

Carnaby Street has more than 150 fashion shops and more than 50 restaurants. You can cross under its famous arch and find an interesting mixture of shops and visitors.

King’s Road

shopping in london

King’s Road is the result of an eclectic mixture of commercial brands, well-known designer’s shops as well as new designers’ boutiques who are trying to make a space for themselves among the most important places for shopping in London.

Among the biggest shops, don’t forget to visit Peter Jones and Habitat Heal. We also recommend to visit one of the most famous shops in London, The Worlds End from designer Vivienne Westwood, considered the mother of Punk fashion. That’s why her shop is considered to be the place of birth of punk in the 70s.

Flea markets in London

London is the best place where to do some flea market sightseeing. It counts with the best and most famous in Europe! Would you like to know which ones are a must if you are shopping in London?

Portobello Road Market

If you love vintage clothes, don’t get too far away from the neighbourhood of Notting Hill of London! There you will find the Portobello Road Market. Every Saturday, they prepare the stalls to sell antiques, vintage clothes, art pieces and even jewellery.

Portobello Road isn’t just an ideal place where to go shopping in London, it is also the perfect place to live the real atmosphere of the city. It is a very busy market, for both tourists and locals, so you will fell the very essence of the city.

Borough Market

If you want to do some real shopping in London, you can’t limit yourself to clothes: you can also go shopping for food. Visit Borough Market! It is the main food market in the capital of England, and there you will be able to find fresh local produce as well as a bit of world’s cuisine.

Camden Town Market

shopping in london

Camden Town is one of the best markets in London, so your visit won’t be complete if you haven’t walked along the peculiar stalls of this wonderful market. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Camden Market… it’s because it doesn’t exist! There, you will be able to buy new and second-hand clothes, brands, jewellery, antiques, books and rarities, etc.… All at very good prices!

Covent Garden Market

shopping in london

Finally, you can’t miss on the opportunity to visit the most ancient market in London: Covent Garden! This market is famous thanks to its original shops, an alternative to the brands that characterise London. In Covent Garden, you will find little shops that hide fantastic objects to decorate the corners of your home, ceramics with unique designs, and stalls with peculiar hand-made objects such as soaps with different smells, candles and wooden toys, among many other things.

But your visit doesn’t end here! When you’re tired of walking through the market, you can sit in one of the terraces and enjoy the performances of the street artists that brighten the soirees of Covent Garden.

What did you think of this selection of places to go shopping in London? Have you ever been in the capital of England? Tell us about your experience there and leave some tips for other travellers!

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