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El Prado Museum, a fine collection of European art to last for days

  • El Prado Museum is one of the most important attractions of the city of Madrid, the capital of Spain – it receives more than 2 million visitors a year. It’s considered to be the most important museum in the country and one of the most important in the world. Inaugurated in 1819, El Prado Museum shows the best collection of Spanish art in the world, and it is based on the Royal Collection. The institution has more than 8,200 drawings, 7,600 paintings, 4,800 prints and 1,000 collections, among which you will find works by Hieronymus Bosch, El Greco, Rubens, Titians and, of course Diego Velázquez and Francisco de Goya.
  • If you stay in the apartments near El Prado Museum, you could actually be staying in two different districts of Madrid, since the Paseo del Prado, the long avenue that gives access to the museum, is the border between them. Those two districts are Retiro (which takes its name from the beautiful and famous park of El Retiro) and the Centre. El Prado Museum is actually located in the district of Retiro and the neighbourhood of Jerónimos. During your stay, your neighbours will be, besides other tourists like yourself, families with good income, since the surroundings of El Prado Museum are an elegant place.
  • El Prado Museum is close to Gran Via, one of the most important avenues on Madrid… and one that is full of shops! However, you may have a great opportunity to go on a different kind of shopping spree. In Gran Via, 13 takes place the Mercadillo del Gato (The Cat’s flea market) a periodic flea market where you will be able to buy designer’s items, clothes, DIY items and many more unique stuff. Check the agenda online to see if you’re lucky enough to be in Madrid when one of its editions is celebrated.
    Of course, in El Prado Museum you will also find a great gift shop where you will find prints, posters and other items that reproduce some of the important paintings that you will have admired in the walls of the museum.
  • Madrid is a big city, and even though there are certain tourist attractions that are at walking distance from the Prado Museum, you will probably need to use another kind of transportation system to travel from one place to the other – for instance, if you want to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, the metro would be a better option than your feed, since it is pretty far from the apartments near the Prado Museum. Lucky for you, the museum is located close to the metro station of Atocha, where you will be able to take line 1, that will take you directly to important landmarks of the city centre such as Puerta del Sol or Gran Vía. Besides, you will also be close to Atocha train station, the most important and famous train station of Madrid – and a landmark itself!
  • El Prado Museum will keep you busy for a while, since it is big enough for you to be there the whole day. In fact, this area of Madrid will be a real treat for those who love art, because El Prado isn’t the only great museum in the area. Close by you will find the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza, where you will be able to see pieces by Spanish painters from the Gothic period to pop art. Next to the Atocha station you will find the wonderful Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía or Queen Sofía Museum, dedicated to Spanish art. There, you will be able to see pieces by Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, among others, as well as a great collection of contemporary art. These three museums form the are called the Golden Triangle of Art, which concentrates an important part of the art collections in Spain.
    If you’re travelling with children or aren’t in the mood for a museum marathon, right next to El Prado Museum you’ll find the Buen Retiro Park, popularly known as El Retiro, a gorgeous green area full of monuments where you can have the most pleasant of all days with the whole family. A real must-visit!
  • Did all that wonderful art make you hungry? Because we’re sure that you have heard about the wonders of Spanish food, and Madrid is as good a city as any to treat your palate and your stomach. Near El Prado Museum you will find some great restaurants that will delight the whole family, such as Torrenostra, where you will be able to try some fine Mediterranean dishes.
    For lunch, you should know that there is a little something in Spain called the menu deal: From Monday to Friday, for a very reasonable price (which can range from 10 to 20 euros, depending on the restaurant), you will get a first course, a second one and dessert, including bread and a drink! A great place to try it near El Prado Museum is the restaurant Faborit Prado, where you will also find vegetarian options.
    You need more ideas? Try el 17 de Moreto, the Vinoteca Moratín or a tavern, where you can have tapas and simple dishes together with wonderful beer or wine. There are a couple of great ones around the apartments near El Prado Museum: Taberna Maceiras and Taberna de la Dolores.
  • Madrid has a very lively atmosphere at night, so if you’re not too tired after visiting El Prado Museum, get ready to have some fun from bar to bar! In fact, the two taverns we recommended in the Eating section, Taberna Maceiras and Taberna de la Dolores, are also a great option to start your night, with a few drinks and some tasty tapas. You can also try the tapas kind of night in La Platería, located right in front of El Prado Museum. In fact, it’s right at the beginning of Calle de las Huertas, one of the best streets to go to bars and pubs. In the area, you will also find nice pubs like La Piola, Jazz Bar, Xaloc or Elhecho. Finally, if you want to go dancing, don’t forget that next to Atocha you will find Kapital, the most famous club of Madrid.

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