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Accommodation with a view of Barcelona: Apartments near Park Güell

  • Would you like to stay in the apartments near Park Guell? You can check our offer in this famous part of this beautiful Mediterranean city! There isn’t a better way to see Barcelona than with the spectacular views from the Park Guell, the magnificent work by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

    Considered the balcony of Barcelona, this public park is famous thanks to the sculpture of the dragon that protects the entrance, but also thanks to the sinuous shapes drawn by its columns, the stairs or the benches where you can sit to contemplate the city.

    Have you decided to stay in the apartments near Park Guell? You have to know that you will be staying in a place that is internationally famous. This public place was declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco in 1984. Inaugurated in 1926, Barcelona’s Park Guell is one of the places that you can’t miss out on during your visit to the capital of Catalonia.

    With a surface of more than 17 hectares, the park is full of allegories to nature, like trees or animals. All of them have a special relevance and meaning in the architectural ensemble, since Gaudí could give them ornamental peculiarities and functionalities that make them essential today. An example of this are the columns or the great bench in the plaza.
  • Barcelona’s Park Guell is in the Carmel hill, right north of the neighbourhood of Gracia. Since it’s located in a mountain, there aren’t many residents that live close to this magnificent park. Your stay during the apartments near Park Guell will be super relaxing!

    Since it belongs to the neighbourhood of Gracia, it’s worth noting that this district is mostly pedestrian, free from traffic and noises. Despite this, there are always lots of tourists, so you will always be surrounded by people.

    The neighbours of Gracia are usually young couples or students who are going to be in the city for a while. It’s usually not considered to be a permanent place of residence by the locals, due to the constant tourist crowds and the impossibility to access by car.

    However, it is full of old shops, restaurants and bars that allow the neighbours to have access to everything they need without having to go far.
  • The neighbourhood of Gracia is a place with lots of little boutiques and extravagant and original fashion. You will be able to get lost in the little streets and discover great shops, like the ones located near carrer Torrent de l’Olla.

    Besides, in the street Gran de Gracia you will find the main fashion shops and supermarkets at an affordable price. Among them, you will find Intimissimi, Kiddy’s Class, as well as shoe shops. As for the food, there are many shops where you will be able to buy bio and local produce.
  • Barcelona’s Park Guell is in a part of the Carmel Hill, so you can only access it by foot. Get ready to climb up and down the stairs! This residential area is so steep that you can only climb through long stairs.

    If you’re going to travel to Barcelona soon, you can’t miss out on this famous park. Even if it’s not as easy to access as La Pedrera or Sagrada Familia, we can assure you that it’s well worth the effort. We recommend to stop in the metro stations Vallcarca or Lesseps (both in L3-green).
  • During your stay in the apartments near Park Guell, you will visit the following structures:

    The snake-shaped balcony
    The central plaza of Park Guell is one of the most important areas of this magnificent architectural work of art. You will have to pay an entry fee to go in, but the visit is worth it.

    In the centre of the plaza you will find a bench that is more than 110 metres long and that represents the shape and sinuous movements of a snake. Besides, it is covered in trencadís, a mosaic technique created by Antoni Gaudí and that combines colourful ceramics and shiny glaze that gives lots of colours to the ensemble of the park.

    Sala Hipóstila o Room of the 100 Columns
    The Sala Hipóstila, besides being a great are full of trencadís-decorated columns in the upper part, has an excellent function: it’s the base of the great central plaza.

    The stairs and the dragon
    The most photographed part of Barcelona’s Park Guell are the stairs. This area will bring you directly to the Sala Hipóstila. The central plaza is guarded by a salamander. The figure represents a dragon and it is covered in trencadís.
  • Around Park Guell, you will find several restaurants where you can go in before going to the park or right after visiting it. We recommend you to visit El Jardí de l’Àpat, La Torreta del Parc Güell and Spoonik.

    El Jardí de l’Àpat, Carrer Albert Planas, 2
    Located in the Carmel Hill and very close to Park Guell, we recommend you to discover the real Catalan cuisine in this cosy restaurant, El Jardí de l’Àpat (The Garden of Food).

    This restaurant is located in an old house or masia, and it is divided in two floors and a terrace, where you will be able to go if you are a large group of people as well. They will take good care of you and will offer local and quality produce.

    La Torreta del Parc Güell, Carrer Olot, 24
    Also very close to Park Guell, La Torreta del Parc Güell offers also a bar and a terrace. It has very modern decorations and it is ideal to visit during the summer.

    In La Torreta del Parc Güell you’ll also be able to taste dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, with an excellent quality-price ratio.

    Spoonik, Plaça Lesseps, unnumbered
    If you want to enjoy creative cuisine and an unbelievable gastronomic trip close to Park Guell, you can do so in this amazing restaurant: Spoonik. You will be incredibly satisfied with the tastes inspired in Latin American cuisine, as well as with the excellent service of all the members of the team – including the chef.
  • The Park Guell is very close to the neighbourhood of Gracia, the ideal place where to go out in the area. It is full of busy plazas and pubs.

    Among the plazas, we recommend Plaça del Sol, Plaça del Diamant or Plaça de la Revolució, where you will find a very nice atmosphere during the night. Barcelona’s locals usually come here to have a nice evening or night with the company of their friends, who they meet in the terraces located in these plazas.

    Besides, Gracia is a neighbourhood full of pubs and clubs that open until 3 am, where you can go dancing. We recommend Heliogàbal or the club Almo2bar.


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