Alexanderplatz, the old centre of East Berlin

  • It used to be the centre of East Berlin when the capital of Germany, as well as the country, was split into two during the Cold War. It had been the neuralgic centre before that as well, during the Middle Ages, when it was known as Oschenmarkt (Ox Market) instead of Alexanderplatz, which is the name we use today. And nowadays, what the locals refer to as Alex is still one of the neuralgic and commercial centres of the city – a modern place, but with a latent history inherent to the place itself. The Berlin TV Tower, which is the most recognisable monument of Alexanderplatz, was built in 1969 as a demonstration of Communist government’s power. It was next to that tower that took place a demonstration against said government 20 years later, and 5 days prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • Alexanderplatz is located in the borough of Mitte and in the neighbourhood of the same name (Mitte is a larger district subdivided in different neighbourhoods), although the locals, when they refer to Alexanderplatz as Alex, they are often referring to the area around the plaza as well. The neighbourhood of Mitte has a population of almost 80.000 people, and it used to be one of the most important neighbourhoods in East Berlin as well. During your stay in the apartments near Alexanderplatz, your neighbours will mainly be families and professionals of German origin.
  • Alexanderplatz is nowadays one of the commercial centres of the city of Berlin – which is a big change from the times when it used to be the city centre of East Berlin, capital of the German Democratic Republic. There, you will find the Alexa shopping centre, where you will find lots of shops of all kinds. Most of them sell fashion, from the major and affordable brands, such as H&M, to haute-couture like Calvin Klein. Besides, you will also find accessories, shoes, books, records, jewellery, home décor, beauty… If you’re travelling with children, you will also find some shops dedicated to them, as well as multiplex cinemas and chain restaurants, so you can make an afternoon out of your visit to the shopping centre.
    But the Alexa isn’t your only option around Alexanderplatz. There, you will also find the Galeria Kauhof, a huge department store where you will find all sorts of products, and other big shops like C&A or the electronics shop Saturn, which has four floors. There are other shops in the streets surrounding Alexanderplatz as well.
  • Berlin is a very big city, and as such, it has an extensive transportation system, including tram, bus, metro and train. The metro and train networks, called U-Bahn and S-Bahn, respectively, are the most used by tourist since they communicate all the main attractions and parts of the city. There are several tickets that you can buy, but there are combination tickets that are valid for both U-Bahn and S-Bahn – you just need to decide which areas will you be visiting so you can choose between AB tickets or ABC tickets. If you stay in the apartments near Alexanderplatz you will be able to enjoy the perks of one of the best communicated areas of the city. You can get the S-Bahn in the Berlin Alexanderplatz Banhof, and you can also get three different metro lines: U2, U5 and U8, which will take you to many other important places of the city
  • Alexanderplatz is a great place to do some shopping, but it is also a key point in the city to admire its history. Alexanderplatz is the place where the great Soviet avenues started, and you can stand at the beginning to see the different architecture that starts in Karl Marx Allee. The contrast is obvious, which makes Alexanderplatz one of the most interesting places in modern Berlin.
    But there are more things to do besides sitting in any of the cafes there or doing shopping. In Alexanderplatz, you will be able to see the Worldtime Clock or Urania-Weltzeituhr, which includes a circular and moving map of the world. And, of course, the Berlin TV Tower or Fernsehturm, which you can also visit. For a ticket that costs around 20 euros, you will be able to climb to the roof and enjoy the views from there.
    Next to the Berlin TV Tower you will see another part of the modern Alexanderplatz, where you will be able to see the Neptune Fountain, St. Mary’s church and the Rotes Rathaus, which is the Red City Hall of Berlin, which works as the town hall, the Senate of the Federal State of Berlin.
  • Alexanderplatz is a privileged place regarding food. Since it is a huge commercial area, you will find all sorts of chain restaurants, which can be handy if you’re travelling with children. There you will find restaurants such as Burger King, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts or Vapiano, where you will be able to enjoy some yummy Italian Food. There are also plenty of international restaurants, such as Kotobuchi Sushi, Gregory’s or Asia-Gourmet. But if you want to keep trying German cuisine, you can also do so: we recommend the wonderful Dinea Restaurant or the Humboldt restaurant.
    Finally, if you want to have a German dinner while enjoying the views of Berlin, you can do so in the Restaurant Sphere, a rotating restaurant located on top of the Berlin TV Tower.
  • If you just want to grab a fresh beer in a friendly bar, we recommend the Alkopole, a typical German bar. But Alexanderplatz is a great place to enjoy the clubbing scene of Berlin, since there you will find one of the best techno and house clubs located in the German capital: We’re referring to Weekend, which is located in the Haus des Reisens building. The 12th and the 15th floors are dedicated to the club, so you will be able to dance as you enjoy the views over Alexanderplatz. It can be reason enough to go if you didn’t have the time to visit the Berlin TV Tower! Besides, during the summer months they also open the rooftop garden, which becomes yet another dance floor. You can easily see why it is considered to be one of the best clubs in Berlin!


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