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Berlin Centre, culture and entertainment for all types of tourists

  • Berlin may have competition on being the most beautiful city in Europe, especially with cities such as Paris or Rome competing for the title. However, ‘beautiful’ may not be the best adjective for Berlin centre: The capital of Germany is a city of contrasts, a city with a history that you can actually see spread around its streets, from the Berlin Wall to the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin centre breathes a recent history that we all know well and that our close relatives remember. In Berlin Centre, you will see modern architecture that is not hiding but integrating that terrible and recent past: You will see old buildings like the Berlin Cathedral and Sovietic architecture in the surroundings of Alexanderplatz, the old centre of East Berlin.
    And maybe because of the history of repression of its recent past, Berlin is nowadays a city boiling with nightlife and young culture, one of the European capitals of street art and the main clubbing destination. Definitely, Berlin is a city to experience from dawn to sunset and from sunset to down, so get ready for a trip you’re not likely to forget.
  • The apartments in Berlin centre are located mostly in Mitte, which is the first and largest district of the city of Berlin. In fact, Mitte means ‘centre’ or “middle” in German. However, Berlin ‘centre’ has spread a bit in the last few years, since neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg have also started to receive many visitors. Nonetheless, the apartments in Berlin centre will mostly be in Mitte, where you will have as neighbours many tourists like yourself, and lots of wonderful monuments – as well as the furry animals in the famous Berlin Zoo, located in Tiergarten!
  • Berlin Centre has many different shopping areas, the most famous being Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstrasse. In Potsdamer Platz you will find the huge Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, where you will be able to shop for hours, and in Alexanderplatz you will find Alexa, with exactly the same results. You will find entertainment shops, accessories, clothes… Anything you want. Besides, in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden you will also find and Amplemann shop, perfect to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Finally, you can do some outdoors shopping in Friedrichstrasse, where besides the main fashion brands you will also find haute-couture like Emporio Armani.
    And if you want to do some alternative shopping, we recommend you to go a bit south, down Friedrichstrasse, until Berlin centre is right behind you and you can explore the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, especially Oranienstrasse and its surroundings. There you will find cool designer’s shops, second-hand clothing shops, cute cafes… And places that offer all those things at once!
  • Berlin is a huge city so you’ll probably need to use the public transport system, at least to go back to the apartments in Berlin centre! You should definitely walk from one place to the other when you are sightseeing, but you may be tired to go back after doing so the whole day! Well, you shouldn’t worry about it because Berlin has an extensive metro and train system, the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn, and there is a combined ticket to use both of them… as well as the buses and tramways! Berlin’s public transport system is divided in three areas, A, B and C, and you can choose to buy combined tickets for AB or ABC.
  • In your trip to Berlin centre, the first thing we recommend is to go on a free waking tour. The meet-up points are around the Brandenburg Gate . Any company you choose will take you to an extensive tour along Berlin centre, where you will be able to see the main attractions and learn a lot about its history: The Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, the Berlin Cathedral , Checkpoint Charlie , Potsdamer Platz , Alexanderplatz… After that, you can visit the Museum Island , since any of the five museums located there will make for a wonderful afternoon full of culture. And, of course, you should go visit the Jewish Museum as well, where you will be able to see striking pieces of art that communicate the sad past of the Jewish people. Then, you can go visit the street art in the name of peace of the East Side Gallery, and to visit Mauerpark and enjoy the hip and festive atmosphere in that part of the wall. And you can’t miss out on the charming little places of Kreuzberg or the beautiful Tiergarten either!
  • You can’t leave Berlin without trying some of its typical foods: currywurst, schnitzel, kebab and pretzels are just some examples. In fact, you can try currywurst and kebab in many street places along the streets of Berlin, and you can find wonderful pretzels in bakeries and even in the food carts located at the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations. Berlin truly is a place to experience and enjoy, and the food part is facilitated to those who don’t want to stop moving. It’s so easy to get yummy satisfaction from a food cart!
    However, there are still some German delicatessen that you can try in a nice restaurant, such as senfeier, a typical German dish made of hard-boiled eggs, mashed potatoes and a special mustard sauce. You can try a great one in Kantine, located a bit north of the Museum Island. And also north of the Museum Island, you will find Hackethals, a German pub that will fill your belly and will refresh you with a nice German beer.
  • Berlin is famous for its nightlife: In fact, it is one of the main destination for clubbing travellers thanks to the iconic nightclubs that open every night. Exclusive Berghain is one of the most famous, as well as Watergate – but they are not located exactly in Berlin Centre. If you want to stay around there at night, there are countless options in the centre as well: Trust, a mixture between bar and club, is a good example of Berlin’s night culture. But, definitely, the best club to enjoy in Berlin Centre is Weekend, located in the Haus des Reisen building in Alexanderplatz. Not only it offers the latest and best electronic music (especially techno), but it is in the 12th, 15th and roof top of the building, which will allow you to dance while enjoying the striking view of Berlin Centre.



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