Museum Island

Museum Island, an island of history and culture in Berlin centre

  • The Museum Island is the name given to the northern part of the Spreeinsel or Spree Island, an island located in the centre of Berlin, in the widest part of the Spree river, which crosses the city. The southern part of that island is called Fischerinsel, which means Fishermen Island.
    The Museum Island, which used to be a residential area started of as cultural area dedicated to “art and science”, according to King Frederick William IV of Prussia, in 1841. The collections of the Museum Island would be turned public in 1918, but later on, the turbulent history of Berlin affected to its progress. In 1990, there was a consensus to restore the buildings of the Museum Island, and thus the division in 5 museums was created. Nowadays, the Museum Island is one of the World Heritage Sites declared by the Unesco.
  • The Museum Island is located in the district of Mitte , which is the most central district of the city of Berlin – and also one of the richest. In fact, the Museum Island is located towards the centre of it, in a real island that was built in the Spree river. The apartments near Museum Island are not located right at the island, since there are no residences there, only Museums and other important institutions or buildings like the Berlin Cathedral . You will still be in the city centre, which means that your neighbours will mostly be other tourists like yourself and locals, mainly young professionals and families. But did you know that the Museum Island used to have neighbours of its own? In the 13th century, the ancient city of Cölln was located there, and it wasn’t integrated into Berlin until the 18th century.
  • If you stay in the apartments near the Museum Island you will have plenty of shopping options nearby. First of all, you will be at walking distance from one of the main shopping streets of the city centre, Friedrichstrasse, where you will find haute-couture shops like Emporio Armani as well as other, more affordable brands. If that’s all that you’re looking for, you can also go to the Alexa shopping centre of Alexanderplatz, also at walking distance, where you will also find the chain restaurants and multiplex cinemas typical from any big mall. It may be a great option if you’re travelling with children.
    However, you may end up shopping more in the Museum shops that you will find in the Museum Island, where you will find souvenirs as well as very interesting items that will remind you of your cultural day of learning there.
  • The apartments near the Museum Island of Berlin can’t be in a better place if what you’re looking for is a central location. Since it is the neuralgic and tourist centre of Berlin, you will be at walking distance from many other important parts of the city, such as Alexanderplatz or the Tiergarten. You won’t be far from other charming parts of the city, such as the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg and, besides, if you need to go somewhere else, you will have plenty of transportation options nearby: If you need to get to the U-Bahn, Berlin’s metro system, you can go to the station Friedrichstrasse, and if you need to get the S-Bahn, Berlin’s train system, you can go to the opposite direction up until Alexanderplatz, where you will find the Berlin Alexanderplatz Banhof, or north, where you will find the Berlin Hackescher Markt station, which is even closer.
  • The Museum island is the perfect place for a day (or two!) full of culture. There, you will find 5 of the most important museums of the city of Berlin. The oldest one os the Altes Museum, where you will be able to learn about Germany’s Imperial past as you see the collection of antiques and paintings from the Prussian monarchs. If you want to travel to an even more ancient history, you can go to the Neues Museum instead, where you will be able to see prehistoric and Egyptian collections, including famous masterpieces such as the Nefertiti Bust. If you prefer to visit art collections, you can go to the Alte Nationalgalerie or the Bode Museum, where you will be able to see, respectively, German art from the XIX century and Byzantine art. But probably, the most impressive of the 5 museums in the Museum island is the Pergamon Museum, where you can see life-size reproductions and reconstructions of some of the most famous monuments and buildings of the history of manking. For instance, you will be able to see the Ishtar gate or the Market Gate of Miletus. For those interested in visiting the Museum Island as a whole, there are global tickets for all the exhibits that are worth the price.
    In the very same Museum island you will find the Berlin Cathedral, also known as the Berlin Dome, thanks to the majestic green dome that makes it unique and different from the rest. You can visit the beautiful cathedral for a small fee, and children under 14 enter for free as well.
  • Ready for some lunch? If you decided to take it easy and thus are not running from one museum to another, you can enjoy a pleasant meal with a view at the Humboldt Terrassen. If you aren’t taking it easy, keep in mind that the museums have nice cafes where you can choose from both sweet and savoury treats! If you’re not in the mood for German cuisine, there are some nice steakhouses around like the Nandos Steakhouse.
    If you’re travelling with children, in the Museum Island you will also find the great green esplanade in front of the Berlin Cathedral. If the weather’s good, we recommend you to grab a sandwich, a Kebab or a currywurst to go and to sit there and enjoy your meal between museums – because you will probably be visiting more than just one!
  • If you want to have dinner and a drink, you can go to the Ampelmann Restaurant, where you will find international street food that you will be able to enjoy in a garden. If you prefer to go to bars and pubs, the best option is to take Friedrichstrasse and go to Kreuzberg, where you will find options for all tastes. And if you prefer clubbing… You’re in luck! The apartments near the Museum Island are very close to Alexanderplatz, where you will find one of the best techno and house clubs of Berlin, Weekend, which has dance floors in the 12th and 15th floors… and in the roof!


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