The Siegessäule, a Victory Column in a sea of green

  • As Paris, London, Rome or Barcelona have their triumph arches, Berlin, the capital of Germany, has its iconic Siegessäule or Victory Column, located in the middle of the city’s great green lung, the Tiergarten. The Berlin Victory Column was designed by Heinrich Strack to commemorate the Victory of the Prussian Empire in the war against the Danish. When they finished building it, Prussia had also won the wars against Austria and France, so they added a statue of the goddess Victoria designed by Friedrich Drake. In fact, the soviet troops called the Victory Column ‘the tall woman’, inspired by the statue.
    This landmark is one of the most visited ones of Berlin, not only because of its history but also because visitors can climb its 67 metres to have a unique view of the city.
  • The Victory Column is located in the Tiergarten park in the neighbourhood of the same name, which is part of the central district of Mitte. Tiergarten means ‘Animal Garden’ in German, which is quite apt, considering that the Berlin Zoo is also located in the park – you can tell your children that they are going to have furry neighbours during their stay in Berlin! This part of the city isn’t much of a residential area, so your neighbours will most likely be tourists like yourself, except during the day. In this neighbourhood, you will find many official and governmental institutions such as the Reichstag or the German Chancellery.
  • The Berlin Victory Column is located in the middle of the park of Tiergarten, so there aren’t many shops around. However, you won’t be far from Bikini Berlin, a centre known as a concept mall that has lots of shops as well. However, Bikini Berlin is much more than a shopping centre. It combines office spaces, shopping centre, cinema and a huge gastronomic offer, so you can easily make a day or an afternoon out of it, especially if you’re travelling with children. They work with the concepts of relaxation, work and entertainment, and they intend to be an urban shopping experience for modern times. There, you will find the Bikini Berlin boxes, which are little shops with unique items. The shops are there temporarily so new artists, entrepreneurs and designers can test the commercial success of their products, so it’s definitely going to be a different shopping experience. Isn’t it worth trying it? To arrive to Bikini Berlin from the Berlin Victory Column, you can walk from there. You’ll have to walk a bit, but you will get to see the beautiful Tiergarten Parkpas well. Just take Hofjägeralle until you arrive to the end of the park and then take Stüllerstrasse. After crossing the Landwehr Canal, it will turn into Budapester Strasse and you will be in Bikini Berlin in no time!
  • The apartments near the Victory Column will be around Tiergarten, the great park where the monument is located. To arrive to the Victory Column or Siegessäule itself, you will have to walk, but afterwards you will find plenty of metro and train stations around the park so you can visit other parts of the capital of Germany. The closest metro stations are Hansaplatz (U9) and, at the opposite site, Bundestag (U55), which won’t be too useful because that line of the U-Bahn only has three stops. The closest S-Bahn or train stations are Brandenburger Tor, Berlin Bellevue and Tiergarten.
    If you’re not in the mood for walking up to the Victory Column or Siegessäule, you also have the option of buying a ticket for a hop-on hop-off tourist bus, which will arrive to the monument, right in the middle of Tiergarten. However, we do recommend that you walk, since the park is elegant and beautiful, so it’s definitely worth seeing it.
  • Did you know that you can climb to the Berlin Victory Column or Siegessäule? That’s right! The admission fee is not too expensive, only around 3 euros, and you will be able to see the Tiergarten and the city of Berlin from pretty high up. After doing this, you can walk along the avenues of the Tiergarten (known in Berlin as the Grosser Tiergarten, since it shares the name with the neighbourhood of Tiergarten) so you can see all the beautiful monuments spread along the park, as well as the beautiful Landwehr Canal.
    In the park of Tiergarten you will also find the Berlin Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Berlin), one of the most famous and a good option if you are travelling with children.
  • The Tiergarten is huge, so you will probably be hungry after visiting the Berlin Victory column or Siegessäule. We have some good news for you: You don’t need to go far to have a wonderful breakfast or lunch! Just walk along the Strasse des 17 Juni until close to the Charlottenburg Tor, and you will find the Capt’n Schillow, where you will be able to try yummy German and International food… On a boat! That’s right, this restaurant is located on a boat in the Landwehr Canal.
    If you’re going to visit the Berlin Victory Column or Siegessäule, you can also buy some sandwiches, fruit or a kebab to go and enjoy it in that beautiful environment. If you’re travelling with children, you’ll love spending time outdoors with the whole family.
    If you’re in the mood for an afternoon snack, you can have a bit of an English teatime in the most beautiful environment. In the English Gardens of Tiergarten you will find Teehouse Tiergarten, where you can have tea with scones, sandwiches or whatever sweet treat you prefer.
  • If you’re in the mood to have a drink after spending a day in the majestic Tiergarten, presided by the Victory Column, you can just walk a bit up the S-Bahn station of Tiergarten and you will arrive to the Tiergartenquelle, a restaurant where you can also have drinks and party. All in one, and in a perfect location! If you have the food part covered, we also recommend you to go a bit more south of the park and try the King’s Pub or the Bar Jeder Vernunft, which also offers comedy and life music. Check the agenda before going: Fun is guaranteed! And if you’re in the mood for dancing, in the same area you will find the Maxxim club.


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