Las Ramblas

Did you know that there is an avenue in Barcelona that is covered with trees, where you can buy hundreds of flowers and see mimes perform? Yes, you guessed right: we’re talking about Las Ramblas of Barcelona! Have you ever walked through this promenade of 1km, the most famous of the city?

In GowithOh, we want you to know the essential places of Barcelona, and there is no better way of doing so that going to the heart of the city: Las Ramblas. This avenue is full of tourists but also of locals, which makes it lively all the time.

If you’re thinking of travelling to Barcelona and you still don’t have accommodation, from GowithOh, we bring you the best selection of tourist apartments close to Las Ramblas, in the very same centre of the city. You’ll be able to stay just a few metres away from them, in neighbourhoods like Raval , the Gothic Quarter or el Born . Check out our accommodation deals!

Las Ramblas: The main avenue in Barcelona

Without las Ramblas, Barcelona would be a little less Barcelona. This famous avenue is one of the most popular, not only in Spain, but also in Europe. There is something that always makes you want to go back: the mimes and their performances, the street artists, the painters and the ice-cream carts.

And, according to the legend, there is something else that will make you want to go back: drinking water from the Canaletes fountain, located at the beginning of Las Ramblas. It is where the supporters of the FC Barcelona celebrate their victories, and the legend says that if you drink from the fountain you will set foot in Barcelona again someday.

Choose now your accommodation through our search engine! In GowithOh, we’ll walk you through the reservation process and during your trip. Thanks to our app, you’ll discover the tourist attractions near las Ramblas, where you’ll feel the real essence of Barcelona.

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