Covent Garden

Covent Garden, a perfect place for market lovers

  • Covent Garden is a beautiful and lively neighbourhood of London, one that perfectly combines tourism with real Londoner life: It is famous for the fruit and vegetable market that was located in its central square. Covent Garden is still associated with entertainment economy, and you can still find farmer’s products, but the main economic activity comes from another type of market. In fact, in the famous historic Apple Market you can nowadays find antiques, crafts and accessories instead of farm products. And besides the beautiful market, there are shops and boutiques all around and of all kinds, from clothing and gift stores to beauty products, remedies and food. There are also many street performers in the south part of the neighbourhood.
  • Covent garden is a district of London itself, located in the east of the West End. It’s still very close to the city centre, so it reproduces the demographics of the centre of London. The average neighbour is young, around 36 years old, and half the population is English. The other half includes low percentages of Scottish and Irish, and the rest are from all around the world. After England, the most spread place of origin is Bangladesh, with around 5% of Covent Garden’s population.
    If you book one of our apartments in Covent Garden, you will also have some very interesting neighbours: We’re referring to the street performers that you will find in the south of Long Acre, the road that divides Covent Garden in two.
  • We did say that Covent Garden is famous for its market, right? Well, this means, of course, that there is plenty of shopping to do in the area! Of course, the Apple Market, Covent Garden’s traditional market, will be your main destination, but don’t forget to walk around and enter the many shops that you will find in the northern part of the neighbourhood, north of Long Acre.
    If you’re a fan of organic foods and remedies, you should visit Neal’s Yard, where you will find many delicatessen and organic stores, besides other food stores like Neal’s Yard Dairy, where you will be able to choose from tons of different cheeses!
    The other main and unique shopping area in Covent Garden is Seven Dials, a junction where seven crowded streets full of shops converge.
  • If you book one of our apartments near Covent Garden, you will see that you will have many transportation options, the main one being, as usual, the London Tube. In Covent Garden Tube station, you will find the Piccadilly Line, but even if that’s the closest, it’s not the only one. A bit further north, you will find Tottenham Court Road (Central Line and Northern Line) and Holborn (Central Line and Piccadilly Line), and a bit south you will find Embankment (District Line, Circle Line and Bakerloo Line). Also south, you will find Charing Cross train station, in case you need to take the train instead of the Tube. However, if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Covent Garden, it’s a good idea to use your own feet to go from one place to the other: You will be right in the city centre, and very close to many main tourist attractions.
  • Covent Garden is a neighbourhood that is ideal to walk around and admire the beauty of the buildings that populate it. The streets are beautiful and picturesque, and have wonderful buildings, in a different scale that those that you will find in the centre of London, but still enchanting. One of those streets is St. Martin’s Lane, where you will be able to see the beautiful church St. Martin-in-the-Fields.
    Covent Garden’s Apple Market takes all the fame and most visitors, but if you book one of our apartments in Covent Garden you can’t miss Neal’s Yard, one of the most picturesque little alleys in London. If you thought Notting Hill was colourful, you won’t believe your eyes when you see Covent Garden’s Neal’s Yard!
    Finally, there is another must-see in Convent Garden: The Royal Opera House, which is also known as simply Covent Garden. But if you can’t manage to see an opera or another performance in there, don’t worry: Covent Garden is full of street performers that you can see just by walking around!
  • If you book one of GowithOh’s apartments in Covent Garden, you will be able to try the cuisine of many delightful places. However, don’t let the uniqueness of Covent Garden mislead you: It is a touristic place, so you still need to watch out for bad restaurant deals, like you do in the centre of London.
    A delicious option is the Dishoom, an Indian café with a retro design where you can have easy but delicious meals like sausage rolls or tandoori grills, as well as different kinds of toast and rice. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you have many opportunities to try it, but keep in mind that you can only make a reservation for lunch and breakfast but not for dinner, and there will probably be a queue. Veggies can enjoy themselves in Jar Kitchen, and organic foodies can enjoy themselves at Terroirs. If you’re on a budget, try Condesa, a nice tapas bar where you can eat for less than 8 pounds – of course, not on the weekends.
    In Covent Garden’s Piazza you will find the Punch & Judy, a great pub and restaurant that is thought to have taken its name from the famous puppet show. They serve wonderful British dishes, and if the weather’s good and you go there early (as everything else, it’s always crowded) you may be able to enjoy your meal in the terrace.
  • The beautiful and colourful streets of Covent Garden will probably put you in a happy going-out mood. If you book one of our apartments in Covent Garden, you will see that such a lively neighbourhood has also a very rich nightlife. You can have a drink in the Covent Garden Cocktail Club, a dark underground pub with a great atmosphere, great cocktails and great music. Many have discovered it before, so make sure to go early or to book in advance – it’s always crowded! And if you’re tired of all things British and want to try something different, Covent Garden is as much of a melting pot as the rest of London: try the Roadhouse, an American bar with an awesome party atmosphere. Besides being beautiful, Covent Garden is a lot of fun!
    Of course, Covent Garden is also a great place to go to the Theatre or the Royal Opera House – there is always something on, so make sure to check the agenda!


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