Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus, screens, shops and a celebrated image

  • Moving screens and neon signs in the middle of the city, surrounded by buildings that have seen hundreds and hundreds of mornings – that is Piccadilly Circus, one of the most impressive and famous images of London. Many think that Piccadilly Circus is a square, but actually, what is called a Circus (“circle”, in Latin) in London is just a junction of streets – in the case of Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly Street and Regent Street, the same one that forms Oxford Circus a bit up north.
    Do you know where the unique name Piccadilly comes from? It originated as the Piccadilly Hall in 1625, as the place where they sold a type of collar called piccadill, that was fashionable back in that time. Piccadilly Circus is nowadays a commercial area and, as you can see, it has been so for centuries!
  • Piccadilly Circus marks one of the Corners of the entertainment area known as the Soho, which constitutes the main gay area of the city, and also one of the youngest. The Soho is famous for its nightlife, so the youth will be your main neighbour if you stay near Piccadilly Circus. And since you will be right in the city centre, you will have other wonderful neighbours, such as Trafalgar Square or Leicester Square.
    If you book one of our apartments near Piccadilly Circus, you will be at the Inner Borough of the City of Westminster, in the West End of London, and, in fact, right in the city centre!
  • Piccadilly Circus is one of the major shopping areas of London, so shopping is a must! In fact, Piccadilly Circus is connected to Oxford Circus through Regent Street, all of them commercial streets where you will be able to find hundreds of shops. Right in Piccadilly Circus, you will be able to buy records and other entertainment and cultural products in Tower Records, Zavvi or Virgin Megastore, which are in the location where the old Swan & Edgar department store used to be. You will also find Lilywhites, a sports store that has been there since 1925. Of course, you will also find fashion stores – and if you don’t have enough, Regent Street and Oxford Street will do the rest.
  • Did you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Piccadilly Circus? Well, you are in a privileged location in London, especially if you like to walk around the cities you travel to so you can impregnate yourself from their real personality. Piccadilly Circus is right in a middle point among the main attractions of the city: There is a 45-minute walk to the City of London and a 35-minute one to the Tate Britain. If your favourite mean of transportation are your own feet, you won’t have better headquarters than Piccadilly Circus!
    Anyway, yes, London is a huge city, and you don’t need to walk everywhere. Besides, the London Tube it’s a landmark by itself, and it works great as the city’s main transportation system. Right in Piccadilly Circus, you will find the Piccadilly and the Circus Lines. You can also walk up until Oxford Circus, where you will be able to take the Central Line and the Victoria Line. If you need to take a train, you can also walk down until Charing Cross.
    If you’re feeling especially tired, you can just wait for one of London’s sightseeing buses to arrive, since all of them make a mandatory stop in Piccadilly Circus.
  • In Piccadilly Circus, you will feel like you are in a movie. The screens started to be installed at the beginning of the 20th century (it was just a Perrier sign back then), but there is much more than that in Piccadilly Circus. In fact, there’s only one building with signs, although that is enough to give an impressive image when it’s dark. But besides the signs, there are other things worth seeing in Piccadilly Circus, such as the London Pavilion and the Criterion Theatre. To admire the changing signs, you can sit at the stairs by the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, dedicated to Lord Shaftesbury, a Victorian philanthropist. The statue of the fountain portrays the Greek God of Anteros – but people usually mistake it for Eros instead.
    But if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Piccadilly Circus, there is much more that you can do! As we’ve pointed out before, you’ll be right in the middle of everything! You can go east to see the City, or west to see Hyde Park or the Houses of Parliament, or south to see Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. And finally, you can also walk up Regent Street to end up in Oxford Street, and have a huge shopping spree for the day. London is a great city for that too!
  • There are many unique restaurants around Piccadilly Circus, so if you decided to book an apartment there, you will surely enjoy your meals! If you’re tired of shopping and shopping, you can go have lunch at the Picturehouse Central, a remodelled cinema like you haven’t seen before: Decorated with a film-themed mural, you will be able to walk up and down red shiny stairs and under some majestic lights: If there is a building that reflects the fascination of cinema, that is Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly Circus! It has a café where you will be able to have a great meal.
    But there is much more if you book an apartment near Piccadilly Circus: you can satisfy your sweet tooth at Crosstown or Cinnabon Trocadero, wonderful bakeries with British sweet treats, or enjoy the great atmosphere and the great cuisine of Savini’s.
  • If you book one of our apartments near Piccadilly Circus, you will be right next (or in!) the Soho, the main entertainment area of the centre of London. You will be surrounded by pubs, bars and clubs – try Café de Paris or the Roxy if you’re in the mood for dancing, but don’t miss out on the opportunity of having a drink in the many unique pubs and cocktail bars in the area. Bar Termini will be great if one of your travel companions is feeling tired, since they specialise in coffee and cocktails; and the French House will do the deal if you just want to enjoy a beer in a pub. Finally, you can try wonderful cocktails at the Experimental Cocktail Club or the Milk & Honey. Enjoy your night around Piccadilly Circus!


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