Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge, London’s greatest picture postcard view

  • It is undeniable that London is one of the greatest European locations. There are so many wonderful views of what is probably one of the most photogenic cities of all times, like the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, or the London Eye, both by the beautiful river Thames. But the most striking picture postcard of the city may be the wonderful Tower Bridge, an indisputable protagonist of the capital of England – one that has also been key in many film scenes, in films as varied as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, The Mummy Returns or Mission Impossible. It’s not casual: The Tower Bridge gives a majestic touch as a film location.

    The Tower Bridge is surprisingly new – at least for a city with as much history as London! It was built between 1886 and 1894, although it has been modified later in history. For instance, a third engine was added during the Second World War, in case the enemy damaged the other two. The final modernisation and facelift of the Tower Bridge was between 2008 and 2012, right before the Olympics.
  • When talking about The Tower Bridge’s neighbours, we must mention the Tower of London, a wonderful fortress that worked as a prison for centuries and that will amaze you with its exciting history. There’s also the City, the financial centre of London and home to its most modern skyscrapers, such as the amazing 30 St Mary Axe, commonly known as The Gherkin. However, don’t be mislead by all the skyscrapers: The heart of City is one of the oldest boroughs of London: It is what the Romans called Londinium, so you can find remains from the Roman Empire in the very heart of the nowadays financial centre of the city.

    Booking one of GowithOh’s apartments near Tower Bridge has an extra advantage: you’ll be close to one of its most interesting neighbours, one that many visitors who decide to stay in other areas closest to the tourist centre end up missing out on: Whitechapel! It is one of the most multicultural districts of London, ideal for those who want to get to know the other London, as real and culturally rich as the one around Trafalgar Square .
  • The area where the Tower Bridge is located has many shops and markets you can enjoy. Of course, you will find many shops to buy souvenirs for your loved ones near the Tower Bridge but the most interesting shopping options in the area are food markets like the Borough Market. Besides, you’re incredibly close to St Katharine docks, where you will find awesome design and art shops that support local artists. You can leave your usual shopping for Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus: The Tower Bridge is an awesome place to enjoy some shops you won’t find in crowded tourist areas! However, there’s a shopping centre just 15 minutes away with bus number 15, in case you need to buy some emergency raincoat or t-shirts: The One New Change, right next to Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
  • If you book one of the apartments near Tower Bridge you’ll be at a wonderful neuralgic point of the city: you’re basically at the easternmost tourist attraction of London, at least regarding monuments, so you can have a long, awesome walk towards the west of the city: Once you arrive to the Tate Gallery, you will have walked by the Tower of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe, Cleopatra’s Needle, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament – among many other wonderful places!

    Not a fan of walking? Don’t worry, because there are many other means of transportation near the Tower Bridge. For starters, all sightseeing buses have a mandatory stop in such a great monument, so you can jump in one of them and it will take you to other great tourist points. You can also use the Tube: the closest station is Tower Hill, where you can take the District Line, that goes alongside the river Thames. If you prefer the train to go exploring from the apartments near Tower Bridge, you will be walking distance from the stations Fenchurch Street and Tower Gate. Finally, you can also enjoy travelling with a riverboat and sail the waters of the river Thames! The nearest river access is in Tower Pier, from which you can go to Charing Cross, Greenwich and Westminster.
  • Of course, if you’re staying in one of the apartments near Tower Bridge, the main thing to visit is the Tower Bridge itself – the tickets cost less than 10 pounds, and there are discounts for students, seniors and children. Besides, children younger than 5 years can enter for free, and there are ticket combinations for families. Keep in mind that you need to book your tickets to the Tower Bridge at least 24 hours in advance. You will be able to climb to the towers, and if you’re lucky, you will see how the Tower bridge opens to let a boat pass. Your kids will love it!

    We’ve mentioned one of the Tower Bridge’s most underrated neighbours, Whitechapel. Well, did you know that it was the home of legendary Jack the Ripper? In Whitechapel, very close to the Tower Bridge, you will find many tours that will tell you his story and will bring you to key locations of his murder strike. Of course, not an option to do with children! But don’t worry, if you’re close by the Tower Bridge with the whole family, there are plenty of options that will amuse your kids: They can learn lots in the special activities for children that are organised in the Tower of London. Besides, right next to the Tower Hill Tube Station, you will find the Trinity Square Gardens, a beautiful park to chill and have a picnic with the whole family! In the afternoon, you can walk around the wonderful modern buildings of the City, a bit towards the west of the city. Last but not least, there’s another great monument to visit in the area: Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
  • If you’re staying in one of the apartments near Tower Bridge, you’re at a great location to enjoy food markets. A great place to do so is the Malby Street Market: you will be able to enjoy artisanal beers at the Kernel Brewery; try foods from around the world, like the delicious cured meats of Topolski; and find delightful bakeries and for those who have a sweet tooth. If you prefer to sit down for a quiet meal, you will find some great places by St Katharine Docks.

    Finally, there’s another wonderful option that will require a bit of extra planning but that will be very rewarding: multicultural Whitechapel is a wonderful location to try the very London-y tikka masala, a dish of Indian cuisine so very popular in the United Kingdom that ex-minister Robin Cook claimed in 2001 that it was the real British national dish! If you’ve never tried it, Tayyabs is the place to do so: a wonderful restaurant in the heart of Whitechapel, just 10 walking minutes away from the Aldgate East Station of the Tube’s District Line – the same one that you will find by the Tower Bridge.
  • London is also famous because of its great pubs, but we’d like to propose you something different, a great option if you decided to book one of the apartments near Tower Bridge. We’ve already mentioned St Katharine Docks, a great place to grab a bite – and an opportunity to have a wonderfully different nightlife experience! You will find there the Medieval Banquet, a dinner with spectacle that recreates exactly that, a medieval banquet! Costumes, a wonderful 4-course meal with medieval music played by troubadours and lots of dancing!

    If you want a more traditional nightlife plan, there are also many pubs and bars in the area, such as the Royal Oak or the Boot & Flogger.


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