Trafalgar Square

Art and History combine in Trafalgar Square, one of London’s top landmarks

  • Trafalgar Square is a public square in the centre of London, probably the most majestic in the entire city. With two great fountains that frame the impressive building that hosts the National Gallery, one of the most important museums of the city, it commemorates the victory of the British naval force in the Battle of Trafalgar against France and Spain, in 1805. Trafalgar Square has witnessed many other historical events such as the Bloody Sunday in 1887, and stands as one of the most important Landmarks of London. Nowadays, it attracts millions of tourists not only to see the impressive picture it offers, but also because it works as a central point of the city, thanks to its closeness to many other important tourist attractions.
  • If you book one of our apartments near Trafalgar Square, you will be in the City of Westminster. As you probably know, London is divided into boroughs, and the City of Westminster is one of the Inner Ones, one that covers much of Greater London. It includes many of London’s greatest attractions, such as Hyde Park, the Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (also known as the Palace of Westminster), Regent’s Park, Piccadilly Circus and, of course, Trafalgar Square itself.
  • If you’re a fan of shopping and you book one of our apartments near Trafalgar Square, you’re in luck! You are now in the very centre of London, and this means there are many shopping areas close to you. The main ones are, of course, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, but the latter is still a bit far considering how many shopping streets you have very close to Trafalgar Square, such as Adam Street, Adelaide Street, Buckingham Street or Embankment Place. Besides, there is a sort of shopping centre in the very same Charing Cross station, the Charing Cross underground shopping arcade, which will amaze you. But you will find interesting shops wherever you go: The area of Trafalgar Square is a museum and a monument itself… but it’s also a shop!
  • London is a huge city, but its centre is more reachable than what you might think, especially if you’re in a place as central as Trafalgar Square. If you book one of the apartments near Trafalgar Square, you will, of course, be very well communicated through Train and the London Tube, but you will also be at walking distance from the main attractions of the city. Still, if you’re tired of walking or you want to travel somewhere further away, right in Trafalgar Square you will find the Charing Cross Tube Station (Bakerloo and Northern Stations); and a bit towards the east, the Charing Cross Tran Station. If you walk towards the river, still east, you will find Embankment Tube Station (Bakerloo, Circle, District and Northern Lines)… And Embankment Pier, which means you can get on a riverboat and travel towards Tower Pier, the river access next to the Tower Bridge. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be to approach the Tower Bridge from the river?
  • Trafalgar Square constitutes a myriad of possibilities, since, it’s close to many of London main’s attractions. Take the beautiful Whitehall street and you will soon arrive to the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament ; take The Mall instead and you will get into the wonderful nature of St James’s Park, on your way towards the Buckingham Palace ; or go north instead and approach Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. And if so much beauty and possibilities overwhelm you, just take Northumberland Ave and you will be able to breathe the fresh air of the river in no time.
    But when talking about Trafalgar Square, we need to give priority to doing instead of sightseeing. London has lots of wonderful museums, and Trafalgar Square hosts one of the most importants, the National Gallery. It is the main art museum of London and it has more than 2.300 paintings from periods that go from the 13th to the 20th century. And all that wonderful culture is free! You will only need to pay a ticket if you want to see a particular exhibit with a fee, but most of those wonders are available for everybody to see. It opens every day.
  • If you book one of the apartments near Trafalgar Square you will be in one of the neuralgic points of the centre of London. And that means the overwhelming possibilities that the capital of England offers are here to stay! There are several the reasons that make London one of the greatest cities in the world, and the amount of restaurants you can find there is one of those: you can try The Admiral, a traditional British pub where you can eat great food and also have a drink; or Garfunkel’s, a good place to try the traditional fish & chips. If you’re in the mood for something faster that leaves your kids content, you will find some great pizza at Little Frankie’s.
    But the most important thing to do if you’re looking for a place to eat near Trafalgar Square is to keep your eyes well open so you don’t miss any of the wonderful options.
  • After a day in the National Gallery, you must be ready to have another kind of fun! There are plenty of great bars and pubs in the area if you booked one of our apartments near Trafalgar Square, so you will have plenty of options. If you’re looking for a good English pub, there are great ones in the area, such as The Garrick Arms or the Sherlock Holmes. Remember that party-time in London starts early, and that English pubs tend to close early too, around 11. So make sure to adapt to the Londoners’ schedule to fully enjoy the night in Trafalgar Square!
    For a different experience, you can enjoy the wonderful view from the The Bloom Gin Rooftop Bar at Vista, right at the top of the Trafalgar Hotel. You’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of London’s skyline.
    If you’re travelling with your friends and are in the mood for some clubbing, next to Trafalgar Square you will find the TSQ club, a cosy club that offers many discounts for students and organises parties during the weekend. And next to Charing Cross, you will find Heaven, one of London’s best gay nightclubs. Good electronic music is ensured, but have an alternative plan, since admission policy is quite picky!


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