Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey, testimony and home of British monarchs

  • The Westminster Abbey is a beautiful abbey church of Gothic style located in the heart of London, next to the river Thames. Together with the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben, it constitutes the most important tourist centre of the capital of England. The Westminster Abbey is also famous for having witnessed the coronation of English monarchs, British nowadays. It is a place of burial as well. It was founded as a church approximately in the 960s, and it reached the status of cathedral in 1540. However, it has a peculiar status since 1560: even if it maintained the “abbey” in its name, the Westminster Abbey is a ‘Royal Peculiar’ church of England, which means that it is directly responsible to the monarch.
  • If you book one of the apartments near Westminster Abbey you will be in the inner borough called the City of Westminster, a part of what is known as the Greater London. The amount of landmarks to visit in this area is never-ending: if you wanted to visit them all, you probably wouldn’t have time to visit the other interesting areas of London, such as The City : you will find, of course, the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament , Trafalgar Square, but also entertainment areas like Soho , Oxford Street; and Piccadilly Circus ; green areas like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park and great museums, such as the Tate Britain and the National Gallery.
  • We don’t know if you’re going to find time for shopping if you book one of the apartments near Westminster Abbey – too many great monuments to visit! However, you may not need to go far, since the Westminster Abbey itself has a great shop where you can buy beautiful gifts. Forget about the typical church-y souvenirs, because the Westminster Abbey shop offers all sort of products with different and modern designs, from mugs to babywear, including, of course, prints, notebooks, jewellery and other more typical souvenirs like magnets or books.
    If you book one of the apartments near Westminster Abbey and you need or want to do some regular shopping, don’t worry, because there are many shops nearby. You’re just a couple of Tube stops away from Piccadilly Circus, and you can even walk there – passing by the impressive Trafalgar Square!
  • You would think that such an important tourist attraction as the Westminster Abbey would have more transportation options – but appearances are not always to be trusted! Westminster Abbey may seem to have just one Tube Station, but it is actually at walking distance from many other transportation options. The Westminster Tube station gives access to the District, Circle and Jubilee Lines, and if you go left instead of right from the Westminster Abbey you will find the Tube Station St. James’s Park, also with the Circle and the District Line. A bit further away towards the west, you will find Victoria Station, one of the most important train stations in the city. There, you will also have access to the Tube’s Victoria Line.
    Going back to the Big Ben, you will also find another wonderful possibility for transportation: At the Westminster Pier, you will be able to jump on a riverboat and sail up the waters of the river Thames! Many of London’s great tourist attractions are located by the river, and the Westminster Abbey is a great place to start your little trip.
    Besides this, all tourist sightseeing buses will make a stop by the Westminster Abbey, so you can easily decide to ride one, which will take you to see the rest of London’s landmarks. Walking is a good option as well: you can do it by the river or go to Trafalgar Square instead, which is just a few minutes away
  • If you book one of our apartments near Westminster Abbey, you will be very close to many of London’s main tourist attractions: Let’s start with the Westminster Abbey itself: this wonderful Gothic abbey church has different opening times depending on the day of the week, and also has several parts that you can visit which don’t open at the same times, like the College Garden, the Westminster Abbey itself or St. Margaret’s Church, The price of the adult tickets is 20 pounds, but there are discounts for students and seniors. Tickets for children up to 16 years are 9 pounds, and those younger than 5 can enter for free. Besides, there are family discounts, which make it a great attraction to visit with the whole family.
    After you have visited the Westminster Abbey, you have much more things to do in the area. You can have a very nice walk up the river to see the other attractions, such as the London Eye, or you can stop your walk before starting it and visit the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben instead. Besides, you can also have a picnic in the beautiful St. James’s Park, where you will find the Buckingham Palace – or even in Hyde Park, where you can arrive through St James’s Park and Green Park without stepping foot out of green areas! If you’re in the mood for a cultural outing instead, the Tate Britain is at walking distance from the Westminster Abbey as well.
  • You will find plenty of options for eating out if you stay in one of our apartments near Westminster Abbey - it is one of the most visited areas of London and, of course, there is a wide variety of pubs and restaurants that will leave you satisfied after a tiring morning of sightseeing. St Stephen’s Tavern is a good option to have a typical London menu with yummy British food. The Cellarium Café is also a great option to discover British cuisine: you can have breakfast, lunch and even afternoon tea, and enjoy being in a historical place: The Cellarium Café is part of the Westminster Abbey itself, since it was the place the monks used to store his food! As if that wasn’t enough, you can enjoy your meal in a terrace during the summer. A perfect ending to your visit to the Westminster Abbey!
  • Did you like the food at St Stephen’s Tavern? Well, you can repeat in the evening and also have a beer at the end of your day! Like many other pubs in London, it closes early, so plan ahead to make the most out of your evening. You can also have a different evening if you go to the Westminster Arms, one of the political centres of London – and yes, a pub! Since the Westminster Abbey is right next to the Houses of Parliament, it’s not a surprise that this wonderful traditional pub is a social place of meeting for politicians and journalists. Did you know that it even has a bell to call them back in time for the votes? It’s the perfect recipe for an interesting evening.
    Besides, don’t forget that you’re very close to Soho, the greatest entertainment area of the city of London.


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