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The Coliseum, the Piazza del Popolo, the Pantheon or Trastevere. Would you like to know the most famous places of the capital of Italy but you don’t have enough time to have a long vacation? In GowithOh, we make it easier for you! We’ve prepared a selection of tourist apartments in great locations so you can enjoy a real Rome weekend.

Spending a weekend in Rome is an ideal way to get an excellent first impression of one of the most important cities of Europe: Rome is one of the places that gave birth to the Western civilisation. The city breathes history in its streets, and invites you to discover the culture and the historical places in it.

Here at GowithOh, we have the goal of helping you visit the main European capitals, and the Italian one had to be among them. This is why you can now book your accommodation for your Rome weekend in any of the main neighbourhoods of the city. Trastevere, Prati or Rome Centre, if you book a tourist apartment.

What to do during your Rome weekend

Rome is the city of love, which is why it’s a perfect destination to go to with your partner. If you do a romantic trip to this city, you’ll be able to visit charming places that will make your Rome weekend unforgettable. For instance, you’ll be able to visit the Milvian Bridge or the Piazza Navona, as well as the cobbled streets of the Trastevere.

If your Rome weekend is going to be with your friends, we recommend you to visit main tourist attractions, like the Castel Sant’Angelo, the Roman Forum or the Roman Circus, but also to enjoy the nightlife in the main streets and squares of the city.

Finally, if your Rome weekend is with your family, you’ll be able to discover places for all ages that will bring you back to the times of the Roman Empire, like the Coliseum, the Pantheon or Saint Peter’s Square.

Did you make up your mind yet? Book your apartment with GowithOh to fully enjoy your Rome weekend! We can guarantee you that the quality of our accommodation deals will make you want to repeat in the Italian capital!

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320 Apartments for Your Weekend in Rome

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