Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou, contemporary art in an amazing location

  • The Centre Pompidou is the most important contemporary art centre in Paris. Also called the Beaubourg and the Centre Georges Pompidou, it’s worth visiting even if you decide not to go in: the building, designed by Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano and Gianfranco Franchini, is one of the modern landmarks of Paris: The colourful tubes and iron structures were not appreciated at first, but nowadays, very few people remain unimpressed but the uniqueness of the place. Inside the walls of the prestigious Centre Pompidou, the visitors have been able to enjoy many wonderful exhibits since its opening in 1977: Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Pollock, Picasso, Roland Barthes, Kandinski, Annette Messager and Sophie Calle are just a few of the protagonists.
  • This museum is in one of the most beautiful places in Paris: If you book an apartment near the Centre Pompidou, you will be right next to the neighbourhood Le Marais, the oldest neighbourhood in Paris and one of the most charming ones. Located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, le Marais is the oldest district of Paris and, as such, it hosts many historical buildings and is full of beautiful and charming old streets. Visiting Le Marais is a must for anybody who goes to Paris, but it is so even more if you book one of our apartments near Centre Pompidou!
  • Such as charming neighbourhood as Le Marais, the privileged surroundings of the Centre Pompidou, is of course equipped with many little and beautiful shops, where you will be able to buy plenty of cute items and, of course, many wonderful souvenirs for your loved ones. The Centre Pompidou itself has also a wonderful gift shop where you can buy many different art-related items, such as books, stationery, accessory and even home décor items! Of course, there you will find beautiful prints of some of the paintings and art pieces that you can see in the Centre Pompidou.
    But if you book one of our apartments near the Centre Pompidou, you may need to buy some emergency clothes or items – for that, you have a shopping centre in the area where you can find the major fashion brands, and where you will also find a multiplex cinema, in case you need a fun afternoon with your kids.
  • Le Marais, where the Centre Pompidou is located, is not a big neighbourhood, but still, you will be surrounded by metro stops where you can get different lines. Right next to the Centre Pompidou you will find station Rambuteau, where you can get line 11. Next to the shopping centre Les Halles, you will find station Les Halles (line 4) and the train station Châtelet – Les Halles, where, besides the train, you have access to the metro lines 1, 4, 7, 11 and 14.
    However, don’t underestimate your own feet as means of transportation if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Centre Pompidou. Le Marais is a pretty central neighbourhood, and you are at a moderate walking distance to many other tourist attractions in the capital of France, such as the Opera district, Notre Dame or the Louvre Museum.
  • Obviously, the Centre Pompidou is the main thing to visit in the area. The Louvre Museum gets all the fame (and a deserved one!), but Paris counts with many other wonderful museums, and the Centre Pompidou, with its enviable contemporary art collection, is one of them. It opens every day except for Tuesdays and the 1st of May. If you’re travelling with children, the Centre Pompidou is also a great choice, since it offers many workshops and fun activities to do with children. Look at the website or ask right there at the museum, so your kids can get their hands dirty and learn some art as they enjoy it! And if they don’t feel like it, at the entrance of the Centre Pompidou you will find street performers sometimes, something that the children will surely enjoy.
    Besides the Centre Pompidou, there’s plenty to do if you book one of our apartments in the area. Of course, enjoying the beautiful streets of Le Marais is a must, but you will be at walking distance from many other important attractions. If you didn’t have enough art with the exhibits at the Centre Pompidou, you will find the Picasso Museum just a few streets to the east. Towards the west, next to the river Seine, you will soon find the Louvre Museum , so if you book an apartment near Centre Pompidou you will be able to breathe art for days and days! But don’t worry: if you have enough with a museum visit per trip, you can just go south and you will soon arrive to the unique Île de la Cité, where the impressive Notre Dame stands proudly. As you can see, there are lots to do in the area!
  • Let’s keep count: A central location, a wonderful museum, beautiful French streets and lots of cute shops: Did you think great restaurants would be missing from the combo? Well, of course not! There are plenty of yummy options near the Centre Pompidou: as usual – something you will have learnt after just a day in Paris, be careful with the prices and check the menus first, since this is not a cheap city! If you want to try French cuisine at a reasonable price, you can try L’Ange 20 or the Bistrot de L’Oulette, as well as the Comptour Gourmet or the Pain Vin Fromage, which has a very tempting name indeed! If you’re travelling with children and need something simpler for them, you will find different chain restaurants at the shopping centre Les Halles.
  • Le Marais is a wonderful place, so if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Centre Pompidou, you will be in an awesome location to have fun during the night – that if you have energy left! Le Marais is full of little bars and pubs where you can mingle with the locals. It is one of the most charming areas to go out! You need some ideas? Try the Quiet Man or the O’Sullivans Rebel Bar, for instance, or La Belle Hortense, a typical bourgeois-bohème pub where you can have a wonderful glass of wine and some food to go with it. But you will see that if you walk around Le Marais at night you will find plenty of bars and pubs that will “call” you in – choosing will be the only problem!
    Le Marais is also known for being one of the gay-friendly areas of Paris, so you will find plenty of gay bars and gay pubs in there as well.


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