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Paris Opera, beautiful streets and wonderful passages

  • The Paris Opera, also known as the Palais Garnier, is the main opera institution in France and in its capital. The Paris Opera was founded by Louis XIV in the 17th century, although it had a different name back then: The Académie d’Opéra. The Opera, besides having an incredibly wonderful baroque architecture – which you can appreciate at le Grand Foyer of the Palais Garnier, offers a great musical and theatre program: It presents more then 380 opera and ballet performances a year, as well as concerts and other spectacles.
    The Paris Opera has been a testimony of the history of Paris and France. The name of the institution changed several times, during the French Revolution and also under Napoleon’s French Empire. Nowadays, its official name is the Opéra National de Paris.
  • Paris Opera is located in the 9th arrondissement of the capital of France, which it’s the commercial part of the city par excellence, since it is the place where the famous Galeries Lafayette are located – and many other luxury stores!
    The most characteristic feature of the Paris Opera district are the unique passages – literally, little (and not so little) passageways that were built in the XIX century to protect pedestrians from carriages and horses. Nowadays, they are full of luxury stores and they still are a beautiful way of escaping traffic for a while.
    It is one of the richest areas of the city, so if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Paris Opera, you will have some fancy neighbours!
  • In Paris Opera, you will be at walking distance of Paris’ most famous and international department store. Of course, we’re referring to the Galeries Lafayette! Located in boulevard Haussmann, inside of a majestic building, it is the perfect location so you buy all your presents for your loved ones – and, why not, a few for yourself as well! You will be able to buy all sorts of things, like clothes, perfumes, jewellery and other exclusive luxury items. If they’re too much for your budget, it’s worth going anyway: the inside of the building is beautiful, and it’s a good place to experience the historically rich side of Paris. You can keep experiencing this side if you get into the passages, where you will find plenty of luxury stores. They sell very expensive items, but you can still admire the windows!
    But that’s not your only option around Paris Opera! If you walk south-west, towards the river Seine, you will soon be in the amazing Champs Elysées , the main shopping area in the city and where you will find all the major brands and haute-couture – so boutiques for all kinds of pockets!
  • If you book one of GowithOh’s aparments near Paris Opera, you will be in a privileged location, without a doubt. Paris opera is sort of a small neuralgic centre of the city, as weird as this may sound after seeing the little twisted streets of the neighbourhood! But there are three different metro lines that convey at Paris opera – actually crossing underneath the building! There are 5 metro stations that surround Paris Opera: Chaussé d’Antin – Lafayette, with lines 7 and 9; Richelieu – Drouot, with lines 8 and 9; Quatre – Septembre, with line 3; Madeleine, with lines 8, 12 and 14; and Havre – Caumartin, with lines 3 and 9. A bit further north you will find station Haussmann – Saint Lazare, where you can get the RER train and plenty of metro connections. As you can see, you can go pretty much everywhere if you stay near Paris Opera!
    But being in such a wonderful location as the surroundings of Paris Opera, there’s an excellent means of transportation that you can’t overlook: your own feet! That’s right, walking is the best option if you stay in the area. If you go south, you will be in the Louvre Museum, the Tuileries Gardens or the riverside in no time; if you go West, you will see the Madeleine, a wonder that stays sometimes in the shadows of other more important monuments; and if you go north, you will be able to see the Moulin Rouge after a not-too-long promenade. So put on comfortable shoes and discover Paris opera!
  • There is plenty to do around the area if you book an apartment near Paris Opera! First of all, you can visit the Opera building itself, a historical building where you will be able to learn lots about the last centuries of French theatre. There is even a museum, and the building has some impressive architecture inside. If you’re not in the mood for entering, you can also enjoy the outside: In the mornings, there are musicians and performers outside Paris Opera that you can enjoy with the whole family. Your children will enjoy seeing live music in the heart of the city!
    Besides the opera, you are very close to the Madeleine, a wonderful Roman Church with an impressive architecture. If you stay around Paris Opera, you will also be very close to the Place de la Concorde, as well as to the Louvre Museum , the Tuileries Gardens and the Champs Elysées. But don’t forget to walk around the Paris Opera district to enjoy the picturesque little streets and the fascinating passages. There’s a lot to discover!
  • Paris Opera is a nice little district full of great places to eat! A wonderful place to try French cuisine, right next to the Opera, is Le Grand Café Capucines, elegant and tasty! Of course, the Opera itself has a restaurant, L’Opera Restaurant, where you will also be able to try delicious French dishes. If you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan-friendly option, Exki is a great place to try as well – many healthy and delicious options!
    As you probably know at this point, Paris is an expensive neighbourhood. If you need a cheaper option, don’t forget that you are at walking distance from the Tuileries Gardens, so if the weather’s good, you can buy some sandwiches and fruit and enjoy a picnic with the whole family!
  • Are you ready to have a drink after your day around Paris Opera? There are a few nice places around! You can try Roy’s Pub or Murphys, where you can have a beer or a drink and also eat some dinner, or Harry’s Bar, a perfect place to have a drink and have some fun!
    If you book an apartment near Paris Opera, you can also have a cultural evening: Check the agenda in the website of the Opera – Palais Garnier to see what they’re doing.
    If you’re in the mood for some dancing, there are two popular clubs, in the Champs Elysées, the Queen Club and Duplex. Don’t forget to check their websites to find out what kind of party and music they will be playing the evening you go. Entrance costs 20 euros.


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