Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square, the neuralgic centre of Prague

  • Wenceslas Square is one of the busiest squares in Prague, and it is the business and commercial centre of the capital of the Czech Republic. It is shaped as a boulevard more than a square, which makes it quite unique: It is shaped as a 750 metres-long rectangle.
    Wenceslas Square is also a historical place: It has been the location for demonstrations and other public gatherings, and it has been the stage of many important historical events, like the proclamation of the independence of the old Czechoslovakia in 1918, or the mass demonstrations by the Nazis. In 1945, it was the stage of the Prague Uprising, the attempt to release the city from the Nazis that ended up with the destruction of several buildings.
    In Wenceslas Square, you will be able to see some important buildings and monuments, such as the statue of Saint Wenceslas, the National Museum Building or the Palác Koruna office building and shopping centre, among others.
  • Wenceslas Square is the neuralgic centre of Prague. And did you know that it is also the main tourist centre of the city? Our apartments in Wenceslas Square are located right there in the middle of the activity, and your neighbours will be mainly other tourists like yourself, willing to have fun and learn lots about the history and the culture of this beautiful city. However, don’t worry: Prague has more than 1,2 million inhabitants, so you’ll sure be able to mingle with the locals, too!
    Wenceslas Square is located in the Nove Mesto or New Town of Prague, which is the largest and youngest district of the city.
  • Besides being such an impressive and lively place to visit, Wenceslas Square is also full of shops! In Na Prikope, the street that communicates Republic Square with Wenceslas Square, you will find all sorts of fashion shops, such as Zara, or New Yorker. Once you’ve walked through this street, you will find the biggest shopping centre in Prague, the Palladium Centre, a modern space with several floors located in a beautiful building. You will be able to buy all sorts of things there: Clothes, shoes and accessories, of course, but also books, records, home and beauty items, toys and gifts. The Palladium Centre hosts more than 200 shops!
  • Prague is a big city and a capital, but it is still much smaller than other European cities such as Paris or London. And if you walked through Rome and Madrid, you are more than ready to use your own feet to move around Prague! Besides, the apartments near Wenceslas Square are in a privileged central location, and you won’t be far from any of the main tourist attractions in Prague. Still, the capital of the Czech Republic offers a great public transportation system formed mainly by metro and tramway, and there are options around Wenceslas Square. Right in the middle of Wenceslas Square you will find the Mustek metro station for the line A, and a bit towards the west you will find the Mustek metro station for the line B. And that’s not all! On the southern end of Wenceslas square, you will find the station Muzeum, where you can take the metro lines A and C. Besides, there are many tramway stops around the square if you prefer to use this transportation and be able to see the outdoors as you travel.
  • Wenceslas Square is a privileged location to do an extensive guided tour in the city of Prague. The free tour doesn’t start in Wenceslas Square but it stops there, and if you take it you will see the entire centre of Prague: The Old Town, the House of the Black Madonna and the Museum of Cubism, the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the Old Jewish Quarter and the Spanish Synagogue, and so on. Remember to tip your tour guide generously, since that’s how they make a living!
    In Wenceslas Square you have another must-visit: The National Museum of Prague, where you will be able to see both the Natural Museum and the Historical Museum. And don’t forget about the surroundings of the northern end of Wenceslas Square: There, you will be able to learn lots about the history of the city in the Museum of Communism, and to see wonderful pieces of art in the Alfons Mucha Museum.
  • Around Wenceslas Square you will find lots of great restaurants where to try Czech delicatessen. One of them is the Hopspoda v. Lucerne, which will surely leave you happy and satisfied. In the afternoon, you can satisfy your sweet tooth in the Peka?ství PAUL, a bakery where you will also be able to buy delicious sandwiches to go.
    We strongly recommend to enjoy the tasty and savoury Czech cuisine during your stay in Prague, but if you’re travelling with children it may be hard to do that in every meal. Don’t worry, because around the very international Wenceslas Square you are going to find plenty of other options. There is a KFC if you need to eat something fast, and you can also have some yummy pizza at Ristorante Italiano Buschetto.
  • Prague is one of the most interesting cities in Europe, and there is plenty to see and learn during the day. But the nights around Wenceslas Square are dedicated to fun! The Czechs like to party, and the centre of Prague is a great place to do so. The offer of clubs and pubs is never-ending: Friends, Carioca, Club U Stare Pani, Zlaty Strom… And there is a wide jazz club offer as well! Try the Jazz Republic Live Music Club Praha or the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum if you enjoy this type of music.
    If you just want to have a fresh beer or a drink as well as some food, you can do so in the Zombie Bar, which offers great artisanal beer, as well as in the Be Bop Lobby Bar, where you will also be able to grab a bite.
    If you’re in the mood for something different and sexy, very close from Wenceslas Square you will find the Darling Cabaret, the biggest erotic cabaret in Europe.



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