Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia, a concentration of historical periods

  • Piazza Venezia is right at the centre of Rome, at the foot of the Capitoline Hill, and it is one of the inedible images you will bring home from the capital of Italy. In fact, Piazza Venezia will constitute a point of reference while you’re there, since it’s easily recognisable and it’s the place where several major streets and avenues convey, such as the Via del Corso, one of the main shopping streets, or Via dei Fori Imperiali.
    Piazza Venezia concentrates monuments from very different and very important periods of the history of Italy, Europe and the world, such as the Altare della Patria, which presides it; the Palazzo Venezia, which gives it is name, and the Trajan’s Forum, crownded by the imposing Trajan’s Column.
  • As we’ve mentioned, Piazza Venezia is located at the centre of the city. The centre of Rome is even more crowded than the centres of other European capitals: There are so many monuments that the city seems chaotic, and it is always packed with tourists. As you can imagine, the locals prefer to live somewhere else, far away from the crowded and stressful atmosphere around Piazza Venezia. It is very different for the visitors, though, since staying right at the heart of the city is the best option to be closer to the monuments and to experience the atmosphere of the city. As we’ll explain in the Nightlife section, most of the party and the activity is concentrated in this area.
    For all these reasons, your neighbours during your stay near Piazza Venezia will be other tourists like yourself, all willing to get to know this wonderful city.
  • Piazza Venezia is the starting point of one of the main shopping streets in Rome, Via del Corso. This long street starts in Piazza Venezia itself and ends in Piazza del Popolo, another of the beautiful plazas of Rome. You will need about 25 minutes to walk along the whole street, but it will actually take way more than that, because you will surely want to stop in many of the shops located there. You will find many major brands like Zara, Nike or Mango, and if you’re travelling with kids, you can also pay a visit to the Disney Store.
    Besides, in Via del Corso you will also find the Galleria Alberto Sordi, a beautiful shopping arcade worth visiting even if you don’t really want to go shopping. It’s gorgeous! There, you will find many Italian brands so you can make some exclusive Italian shopping.
  • When you visit big cities, the underground system is usually the best way to move around: It was probably your preferred transportation option when you visited Paris, London on Barcelona. However, you will probably have to change that habit when you visit Rome! The metro system in Rome isn’t as extensive as in other European capitals due to the many remains found underground.
    From the apartments near Piazza Venezia, you will be at walking distance from many tourist attractions in the city. In fact, Rome is so packed with wonderful monuments and interesting landmarks that your own feet will constitute excellent means of transportation. Pizza Venezia is right next to the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum (where you will also find a metro station) is right after that. It is also close to the river and the Isola Tiberina, very close to the Bocca della Verità.
  • There are so many things to do around the apartments near Piazza Venezia without getting to far from this plaza! First of all, you can visit the actual plaza and see the Palazzo Venezia, which was the residential palace of the Pope in the 15th century and hosted Benito Mussolini’s office. You will easily recognise the balcony from which he delivered many of his speeches. Besides, you can see the ruins of the Trajan’s Forum, the last Roman Forum to be built during the Roman Empire, with the magnificent column in the middle. And finally, you can see the Altare della Patria, also known as the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II or Il Vittoriano, which was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi in the 19th century. It houses the Museum of Italian Unification, so visiting is a great excuse to learn about this essential period of the history of Italy.
    And, of course, just peeking towards the Via dei Fori Imperiali, you will be able to see the Colosseum at a close distance, right past the Roman Forum. As you can see, there are enough attractions here for you to stay for days!
  • Are you looking for a place to eat near Piazza Venezia? Don’t worry, because there are plenty of options! In Via del Mancino you will find La Cabana, a great restaurant that offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and wonderful seafood dishes. You can also try the Enoteca Provincia Romana, located in Foro Traiano, or the wonderful restaurant Scilla & Caridi, in Via IV Novembre.
    If you’re travelling with children, you may want to take a look at Erzinio Food, located in Via del Plebiscito, where you will be able to enjoy some reasonably priced and tasty sandwiches.
    Finally, if you want to eat right at the plaza, there you will find the wonderful Caffeteria Italia, where you can drink a cappuccino and grab a bite while enjoying the magnificent views.
  • If you book one of the apartments near Piazza Venezia you will be right in the historic centre of Rome, where most of the party takes place. Rome is an amazingly lively city, and you will be able to enjoy yourself mingling with the locals wherever you go. Besides, most of the party area concentrates around Piazza Venezia! Try the Scholars House or The Public House, where you can have a drink or a cocktail. And if you’re looking for a traditional pub where to enjoy some refreshing beer, you just have to walk until Via Leonina, 66, where you will find the Finnegan Irish Pub.
    But do you know what is one of the best plans to do in Rome? Just have a night walk! Most of the Roman remains are illuminated, and the streets are less crowded by tourist – although still not deserted at all! Nonetheless, you will be able to experience Rome from a different perspective, as you admire the beauty of the illuminated Colosseum, witnessing everything that happens.


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