Vienna’s Prater, a great green area with an amusement park

  • Are you ready to get to know the Prater of Vienna? The Wiener Prater (which is its full name) is the most famous park of the capital of Austria and, as with everything in the city of Vienna, it is also a place with history. The first record of the Prater dates back to the 12th century!
    The main attractions of the Prater, besides the nature and the beautiful and green postcard views that it offers, are the Wurstelprater, a wonderful amusement park that will delight your children, and the avenue of Hauptallee, flanked by beautiful chestnut trees. There is also a planetarium, a museum and… a micronation! It’s called Kugelmugel, officially, the Republik Kugelmugel. It was declared as an independent nation in 1984.
    As you can see, Vienna hides lots of gems, and the beautiful Prater is one of them.
  • The Prater is located in the second district of the city of Vienna, named Leopoldstadt after the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I. The neighbourhood is also called Mazzesinsel because of the high percentage of Jewish inhabitants it had before the Holocaust, which was almost 40%.
    Nowadays, Leopoldstadt and the area around the Prater is a friendly neighbourhood with a very nice atmosphere. It’s far from the tourist circuit and the last few years has developed an interesting idiosyncrasy, since there there is a mix between tradition and modernity. It is one of the most gay-friendly neighbourhoods of Vienna.
  • Near the Prater you will find two interesting markets. The one closest to the park is the Vorgartenmarkt, a bio food market where you will be able to buy fresh produce. If you’re a foodie you will like it for sure! The other one is a little bit farther away, close to the U-Bahn station of Schottenring, but still in the district of Leopoldstadt. We’re referring to the Karmelitermarkt, which is the second district’s own Naschmarket. You will also find fresh produce there, and you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and mingle with the locals.
  • The Prater is not in the city centre of Vienna, and you will probably need to use public transport to get to other parts of the city. You could walk, but it would take you almost an hour to arrive to the city centre, so the metro will be your go-to option. Right at the entrance of the Prater you will find the Praternsten Banhof, which is a station for the U-Bah and also a train station. There you can get line U1, which goes straight to Vienna centre and then south of the city through the neighbourhood of Wieden, and line U2, which surrounds the city centre and goes down the Museumsquartier and then turns back to Karlsplatz.
  • There are tons of things to do in the Prater. In fact, an outing to this beautiful park can be an excursion with your children worth two days of your time! The most obvious thing to do with them is to go to the amusement park located there, the Wurstelpraten, where the whole family will be able to have fun in the more than 200 attractions it offers. The entrance to the amusement park is free, and then you have to pay for the attractions or the tours of attractions that are organised by the park. The Wurstelpraten guarantees lots of fun for the whole family!
    But that’s not the only activity that you can do in the Wiener Praten that will make your children happy. The Madame Toussaud’s, Vienna’s wax museum, is also located in the park. You can also spend the day in the Prater itself, which is a beautiful green area. In the Prater you will find the Jesuitenwiese, a beautiful and green meadow where you will find a playground. We don’t know about you, but if you stay in the apartments near the Prater, your children will never forget their trip to Vienna!
  • One of the best things that you can do for lunch in this area is to bring some yummy sandwiches from the apartments near the Prater and enjoy them in that wonderful green area. A picnic outdoors will be the perfect complement to this fun day dedicated to your children, and they will be free to run around and play while you chill before starting your next activity. However, there are still some places spread around the park where you can eat, such as the Austrian restaurant Schweizerhaus or the Meierei.
    You can also go into the neighbourhood of Leopoldstadt to find a restaurant for lunch or dinner. It is a district on the rise, so you will find plenty of yummy options there as well.
  • It may not seem so, but there are many options to go out in the surroundings of the apartments near the Prater. If you want to have an early night, restaurant bars like the Schweizerhaus are open until 11 pm, and the Prater itself is open 24 hours a day, so you can make your own night-time picnic until whenever you go. However, we all know that public parks are not the best place to be once the sun goes down, so how about having a drink around Leopoldstadt? It is one of the most gay-friendly neighbourhoods of the city of Vienna, and there are plenty of fun bars and pubs. Right next to the Prater you will find several of them. If you want to go dancing, the Prater isn’t far from what it’s considered to be the best club in town, the Flex, located next to the river, by the U-Bahn station Schottenring. Many famous musicians have been occasional DJs in Flex, like Juliette Lewis, Pete Doherty and the band Arcade Fire. You will be able to dance to all kinds of electronic music, depending on the night: dubstep, techno, minimal, jungle music… And they also play indie, rock and drum&bass.


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