Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera, the cradle of classical music

  • The Vienna State Opera is one of the most important operas in Europe – We all known how important Vienna has been in the history of classical music, so the fact that they have such an important opera is not a surprise. However, the history of the building may be indeed surprising. It was inaugurated in year 1869 (with a piece by Mozart), but the building of neo-renaissance style, that nowadays we find impressing and beautiful, didn’t meet the expectations of the Viennese at the time. One of the architects, Eduard van der Nüll, committed suicide after the building received so much criticism.
  • The Vienna State Opera is located in the 1st district of Vienna , the Innere Stadt, which is the city centre and also the old city of Vienna. If you stay in the apartments near the Vienna State Opera, you will feel like besides travelling to another country you also travelled to the past, since you will be immersed in the imperial atmosphere of the capital of Austria. But did you know that it is the least populated district of Vienna? The city centre is busy and big in monuments, museums and institutions, and also quite pricey, so that could be an explanation. Besides that, the average age of the inhabitants of the Innere Stadt is higher than in other districts.
  • The Vienna State Opera is very close to the Naschmarkt, a historical and famous food market in Vienna that is 1,5 km long! It’s located in the Wienzeile and opens every day from 6am to 6.30 pm except for Saturdays, that it closes at 2 pm. There you will be able to buy all sorts of fresh, local and exotic produce, a great option if you later want to cook dinner in the apartments near the Vienna State Opera. It closes earlier on Saturdays, but it’s worth going that day anyway, because you will also find the Flohmarkt open, a vintage flea market where you will be able to buy second-hand clothes, old books, antiques and other unique items.
    But that isn’t your only option. Next to the Vienna State Opera you will find an exclusive record store, the Arcadia Opera Shop, a rarity music shop that music lovers will surely enjoy. And that’s not all! The Vienna State Opera is very close to one of the main shopping streets of the city, Karntnerstrasse, where you will find some shops of major fashion brands such as H&M, Zara or Forever 21, as well as some jewellery brands like Swarovski. You will also find more music stores there.
  • Do you remember Berlin’s U-Bahn? Since Vienna and Berlin share the language that is spoken there, they also share the names of their public transport, like with their metro system. Vienna’s U-Bahn will probably be your preferred means of transportation during your stay in the Austrian capital, since it is the network that best communicates all the areas of the city. The U-Bahn station closest to the Vienna State Opera is the one in Karlplatz, which will be very convenient for you, since there you will be able to take three different U-Bahn lines, U1, U2 and U4.
    However, the apartments near the Vienna State Opera are right in the city centre, so you will be at walking distance from many other important tourist attractions, such as the Hofburg Palace or the Parliament.
  • It is possible to visit the Vienna State Opera even if you don’t intend to see any performance. All the visits are guided and will bring you to several parts of the building, such as the entrance foyer and the main staircase, the Marble Hall, the Tea Salon, the Schwind Foyer, the Gustav Mahler Hall, and, of course, the auditorium. The guided tours are around 45 minutes long, and you will learn lots about the history of the building as you see it.
    But there is much more to do in the surroundings of the Vienna State Opera. For instance, you can visit the Albertina or the Hofburg Palace, and the city centre is right there, so you can walk around it or even join a guided tour that will teach you lots about Vienna’s imperial past.
  • Are you ready to try Austrian food? The typical foods from Vienna typically are meaty dishes such as the Wiener Schnitzel or the Tafelspitz, which is boiled beef, with side dishes such as dumplings or sauerkraut. And let’s not forget about the best part, the sweet treats! The most famous ones are the Apfelstrudel, a pastry filled with apples, and the Sachertorte, the famous chocolate cake with apricot jam. So where can you go try these foods and some other typical Austrian dishes? We have a few recommendations for you that are close to the Vienna State Opera, like the Restaurant Rote Bar, the Bitzinger Wurstelstand Albertina or the Restaurant Anna Sacher.
    If you’re in the mood for some street food in a lively atmosphere, you can also go to the Naschmarkt, where you will find plenty of international food stalls where to try Indian food, Israeli, Turkish or Japanese food, among others – and, of course some Viennese delicatessen as well!
  • If you book one of the apartments near the Vienna State Opera and you like opera and classical music, checking the agenda of the Opera is almost mandatory. Maybe there will be tickets left in some of the performances – or you can even check before your trip! The agenda of the Vienna State Opera truly lives up to the hype, and the fans of the classics won’t be disappointed. Even if you’re not a music fan, there are opera tickets at very low prices – the visibility won’t be great, but all in all, the Vienna State Opera is a good excuse to try opera for the first time if you’ve never seen one.
    But if you want to have more of a going out kind of fun, close to the Vienna State Opera you will find some typical Austrian pubs such as the Bier & Bierli, where you will also be able to order food to eat while you enjoy your Austrian beer. Other pubs nearby that you may enjoy are Puff, Lutz or Club Habana Viena.


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