The Venice of the North is a great destination that offers entertainment for all ages and tastes. There is more about the capital of Holland than legal marihuana and the Red Light District, and the facts about Amsterdam we’re about to explain are proof of that!

A few basic facts about Amsterdam

Compared to other European capitals, the Venice of the North isn’t much of a monumental city. However, it is a great destination for a different type of travel, one that is more focused on enjoying the delights the city has to offer than on crossing attractions from a list. Take not of the following facts about Amsterdam, since they are worth knowing before planning your trip!


  • In a fairy tale… The beauty of Amsterdam can’t be explained with words, or in a list of facts about Amsterdam. By walking around the beautiful streets and canals, and observing the narrow and picturesque buildings, you will feel like you have travelled directly into a fairy tale. Don’t forget to get out to the crowded centre and get to know charming neighbourhoods such as the Jordaan and De Pijp: they have their own personality and you will find many interesting cafes, shops and small art galleries.
amsterdam facts
  • A surreal one! There are some facts about Amsterdam that will blow your mind, and the structure of the city is one of them. All that beauty is supported by poles! For instance, more than 6 thousand hold the beautiful Central Station. The city is actually below the sea level and some say it’s sinking, so we would recommend you to visit it soon… just in case!
  • Art all around. No, this time we’re not talking about the beauty of the city, even if it well deserves several positions in this list of facts about Amsterdam! Amsterdam has lots of wonderful museums, street and alternative art, and hundreds of small art and design galleries. A wonder for art lovers!
  • The perfect scenario for a day trip. One of the facts about Amsterdam sometimes overlooked by tourists is that the Netherlands is quite a small country – which makes having a day trip out of the city a very good idea! Amsterdam is surrounded by other beautiful towns such as Utrecht, which has wonderful canals, or Rotterdam, which has wonderful modern architecture.
  • Get ready to have fun. Amsterdam has lots of pubs and clubs that deserve a visit, like Paradiso or Studio80, and a very nice and gay-friendly atmosphere. Besides, the locals love alternative daylight parties outside, so get your eyes peeled so you don’t miss any!

A few weird & fun facts about Amsterdam

Tourist attractions may not be what makes Amsterdam a great destination, but it is a very unique city worth experiencing at any time. The following facts about Amsterdam will tell you many things about the idiosyncrasy and personality of the city, so take good note of them!


  • Who’s riding all those bikes? Some facts about Amsterdam can be explained with numbers… But what happens when those numbers don’t match? Amsterdam has around 800.000 inhabitants, but the estimate number of bikes in the city surpasses one million.
  • Say yes to weed, but no to tobacco. One of the undeniable facts about Amsterdam is that many of its visitors go there to be able to smoke weed freely. What may surprise them is that in coffee shops it’s not allowed to serve alcohol (or drink it) or to smoke tobacco. There are some places without a license where you may be able to do both, but it’s actually not legal!
  • Enjoy the sun, like the locals do. Whenever they have good weather, the locals jump to the streets! This is one of the facts about Amsterdam that may surprise you: You will see many bars with sofas outside, or terraces in a boat and, of course, you will see dozens of people having relaxing picnics in the many parks of the city, like Vondelpark or Flevopark. You will even see some people just reading a book sitting at their doorsteps!  
  • An international city. Many of Amsterdam’s locals aren’t Dutch, but expats who found their place on earth in this beautiful city. One of the facts about Amsterdam worth considering is that there are more nationalities than in any other city in the world!
  • Markets, markets markets. One of the great attractions of Amsterdam are its wonderful vintage markets. One of the important facts about Amsterdam is that you’ll be able to find wonderful vintage clothing, antiques and organic foods everywhere, as every neighbourhood has its own day for a market. Besides, Waterlooplein Market opens every day! Special mentions to the beautiful Northern Market in the Jordaan and the IJ-Hallen market, the biggest flea market in Europe, that takes place in the North of the city one a month. If after all those markets you’re still in a shopping spirit, don’t forget to visit the famous ‘9 streets’!


What did you think about these facts about Amsterdam? Whether you go in winter or in spring, it’s impossible not to enjoy this incredibly beautiful city. Get ready to fall in love with it!

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