Are you planning a trip to the capital of Germany? If so, prepare to experience one of the most awesome and interesting cities in the world. It truly makes an impression to whoever is remotely interested in history and culture, and these facts about Berlin are proof of that.
10 facts about Berin

5 historical facts about Berlin

Berlin is a living testimony of the long consequences that come with war. People suffered them for years when Berlin was split in two, and it is something that you can still breathe in the different areas and architectures of the city. There is a lot to learn about it, but let’s just start with these few historical facts about Berlin.

  • The two Berlins: As you surely know, the city of Berlin was divided in two until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, separating even families in two different countries. Nowadays, you can still visit one of the main crossing points, Checkpoint Charlie.
  • The world’s largest open-air gallery: One of the most visited landmarks of Berlin is the East Side Gallery, which is probably one of the most recent historical monuments in the world, and it testifies for the fascinating recent history of the city. The East Side Gallery shows graffiti’s from artists from around the world that intended to express how the city changed through the fall of the Berlin Wall. In fact, the gallery is located in one of the remaining parts of the Wall.
10 facts about Berin
  • A multicultural city: There are almost half a million of foreigners living in Berlin, which makes it the most cosmopolitan city in Germany. One of the most amazing facts about Berlin is that it has long-term residents from more than 180 different nationalities, which is even more astounding considering its recent past! In fact, Berlin has always been somewhat multicultural: in the 17th century, Berlin received around 20.000 French Huguenot refugees, which influenced the Berliner dialect a lot. It has also received Yiddish and Turkish influences.

5 cultural facts about Berlin

Now that you know all those amazing historical facts about Berlin, it’s time for us to tell you that besides that fascinating recent past, the capital of Germany is also a wonderful place to live. Full of culture and entertaining, Berlin is a thriving, vibrant city where everybody can find their place.

  • A city full of water…: One of the most surprising facts about Berlin is that it has more bridges than Venice. The 180 km of navigable waters of Berlin are crossed by around 1.700 bridges. Berlin is famous for so many things that this amazing fact is often overlooked!
10 facts about Berin
  • And full of animals!: Did you know that Berlin has two zoos? The Tierpark has the largest amount of different animals in the world, whereas the Zoologischer Garten is the oldest one in the country: It’s 150 years old!
  • Green city: Many of these animals could easily live around Berlin, since it is the greenest city in Germany – quite an accomplishment if we consider it’s also the capital and the largest! Around 44% of the surface of the city is occupied by parks, woods, rivers and other green public areas.
  • Beer all around us: Beer is the most famous drink in Germany, and Berlin is of course a great place to taste several ones. It has lots of beer gardens, which are large terraces where you can enjoy a fresh beer in the afternoon and the evening, and the International Berlin Beer Festival, where you can try up to 2.000 kinds of beers. Don’t try them all at once, though!
  • The best nightlife in Europe: Berlin is one of the main destinations for the youth as it’s considered to be the electronic music capital of Europe. The clubbing scene includes options for all sorts of tastes, but it is especially strong in techno, house and other electronic genres, which locals and visitors can enjoy in clubs such as Berghain, Watergate and Weekend.
  • A ton of museums: As you see in these facts about Berlin, the capital of Germany is the top city in many areas. It is incredibly green; it has a vibrant nightlife… And it is also at the top of the list in terms of quality and quantity of museums. In fact, there’s a popular saying that states that Berlin has more museums than rainy days! It has more than 170 museums of all kinds, but you will find the five most important ones in the city centre, in the Museum Island – which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
10 facts about Berin
  • Culture for everyone: But the museums are not the only attraction for the learned ones: Berlin has three working opera houses, one of the most important film festivals, the Berlinale, and is full of alternative art galleries.


What did you think about these facts about Berlin? You must be looking forward to visiting such a wonderful city now – so don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comment section!

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