Not many European cities have as much to offer as the capital of Germany: history mixes with the latest trends in culture and design, resulting in a city that makes a great destination for everybody, whatever their interests. These facts about Berlin will help you see how wonderful this city is!

It’s difficult to pick just 10 facts about Berlin to talk about, as besides having such an interesting history, Berlin is a city that doesn’t stop its cultural flow, a city that never sleeps. But we still wanted to try, so here you have our selected facts about Berlin!

Facts about Berlin you probably didn’t know

Before travelling to Berlin, it’s better to get a quick picture of the place you’re going to visit. Here you have a few facts about Berlin that may prove useful to plan your days!

  • A city of bridges… Venice gets all the fame related to bridges and water, but one of the most interesting facts about Berlin is that it has more bridges than the Italian City of Love! The capital of Germany has around 1.700 bridges and more than 180km of navigable waters. Those sure are impressive numbers!
  • And museums! The Museum Island in the city centre may host Germany’s top 5 museums, but there are 170 more in town! Truth is, there aren’t so many facts about Berlin that have coined their own expression: it is said that Berlin has more museums than rainy days!
  • The tallest construction. And there are more facts about Berlin that translate in numbers! The Berlin TV tower located in Alexanderplatz is the tallest building in Germany and one of the tallest in the Old Continent, as it is 368 metres high.
  • A big, big city. Berlin is the capital of Germany, and it is of course a big city. However, this is one of the facts about Berlin that may surprise you the most. Did you know that, with its 892 squared km, it is nine times bigger than Paris?
  • An architect’s destination. That Berlin is one of the European centres of art and culture is one of the most obvious facts about Berlin. However, what you may not know is that there are many modern buildings with great architectural value that delight architects from around the continent.

Facts about Berlin: A city of details

There are many tourist attractions to visit in Berlin, like the Brandenburg Gate or the Holocaust memorial. But Berlin’s magnificence is also made out of small –and not so small- details. It is a city to live; a city to do, not just a city to see, and the following facts about Berlin will give you a clearer picture:

  • The Wonderful Kreuzberg. This neighbourhood of Berlin has a great variety of small art galleries, alternative cafes, designer’s shops and places that combine the both! It’s the perfect combination of culture and entertainment, so this is one of the facts about Berlin worth writing down in your notepad!
  • Street markets. Berlin is famous for its street markets as well: you can find absolutely everything, from vintage clothes & antiques to old books and broken toys. Don’t forget to check out the food carts & markets as well!
  • The night, as important as the day. One of the facts about Berlin that can’t be overlooked is its great clubbing culture. In the capital of Germany, there is an incredible variety of clubs with music for all tastes, and also some impressive locations. For instance, Watergate, located in the area of the same name, has a terrace with a wonderful view of the river; Weekend is located in a 15th floor next to the TV tower in Alexanderplatz; and Berghain & Panorama bar, probably the most important club in Europe, is located in an old factory and offers the best electronic music of the city.
  • The streets, the best museum. One of the most important facts about Berlin is that the city is a real open-air museum. Of course, we need to mention here the East Side Gallery, a 1.3km long part of the Berlin wall that still stands, and holds the wonderful art pieces of 101 different artists. But that’s not all! Berlin is one of the European cities with the most impressive street art: wherever you go, you will find many wonderful and large street art pieces of art as good as any museum’s.
  • Now or never. Things change, and many of the top symbols of the latest young and rebel Berlin are changing too. An example is the Kunsthaus Tacheles art centre, a wonderful squat building reformulated as an art centre that closed in 2012. Street art and culture are not perennial, and that is part of its charm, so if you want to enjoy these particular facts about Berlin, get your suitcase ready and don’t waste any time!


What did you think about these facts about Berlin? As you can see, the capital of Germany is a city to visit and to experience to the fullest. What are you waiting for?

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