If you’re in the mood for a cultural trip, you probably won’t find a better destination than the capital of England. The amount of cultural and entertainment options is never-ending, and making a list of facts about London overlooking them is an impossible task!

Of course, the capital of England has lots of monuments and wonderful tourist attractions worth a visit, but you won’t experience the real London without setting foot in the Tate Modern, the British Museum or any other of the wonderful art centres you can find. When considering facts about London, art & culture are a must. So let’s get started!

A few facts about London to consider before travelling

If your mind is already set in travelling to the capital of the United Kingdom, take good note of the following facts about London:

  • Perfect for pictures. The best picture of a trip is always in our memory, but one of the undeniable facts about London is that the English city makes an incredibly picturesque scenario. From the guards in Buckingham palace to the taxis and the iconic red double-decker buses, without forgetting the cute red phone booths, you will feel like in a movie set. So, even if you’re not much of a camera-person, don’t forget to bring one to your trip – or you may regret it!
  • The centre is in the river. One of the most interesting facts about London is that many of its tourist attractions are around river Thames: The Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe are some, but not all of them.
  • The Tube, another ecosystem. Yes, we mean ecosystem literally! One of the most fascinating and weird facts about London is that there is a species of mosquito that lives exclusively in the Underground. It’s a species that evolved in the underground tunnels and that has been later found in other tunnels around the world.
  • A wonderful history, sometimes overlooked. The capital of England has so many things to offer that sometimes the historical facts about London are overlooked. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover parts of the interesting history of the city, like the Great Fire of 1666.
  • The best restaurants in the world. English gastronomy may not be the best rated in the world, but one of the facts about London that many people don’t know is that it is the home of some of the best international restaurants in the world. It’s a great place to enjoy Italian, French and Indian cuisine, among many others. There are 36 restaurants with a Michelin star.

Facts about London: A capital for culture

The English capital is a favourite of many people around the globe, and the following facts about London explain why:


  • Harry Potter town. Among all the facts about London, this is probably the most famous one, but it’s still worth mentioning! Besides visiting key places like platform 9 ¾ in Kings Cross station or Leadenhall Market, Warner Bros also offers a special Harry Potter tour – only for hard-core fans, since it’s quite pricey!
  • A city for music lovers… Music lovers find in London one of their top destinations: let’s talk facts about London, in numbers: there are more than 300 venues and more than 17.000 music performances a year! No band has a European tour without a stop in the Capital of England.
  • …And book lovers! The British Library is a real delight for all those who like reading and appreciate old books. As you can see, many of these facts about London include impressive numbers, and this is not an exception: The wonderful British library acquires more than 3 millions of items every year, and has more than 14 millions of books. No wonder it’s one of the largest, richest libraries in the world! You won’t be able to bring any of the books with you home, but you can buy a souvenir in one of the more than 800 bookstores in the city.
  • Museums every day. The museum offer in London tops that of many cities: from the British Museum to the National Gallery, without forgetting other interesting ones, like the Natural History Museum or the Design Museum. Another of the facts about London worth knowing is that most of the permanent exhibits are completely free!
  • And comedy every night. Ready for some British humour? Good, because besides musicals, London offers more live comedy than any other city in the world.


What did you think about these facts about London? If you’re just beginning to plan your trip, you may just want a few days extra to it… As you can see, London has enough options for weeks!

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