Rome is one of the most wonderful cities in the world, and an essential destination if you want to understand where we come from – something key to understand where we’re going! Rome is a sort of historical melting pot, where you will be able to admire buildings and sites from different historical periods, including, of course, the archaeological remains of Ancient Rome, which are the main attractions of the city.

You may be able to visit the majestic Colosseum and the Roman Forum in one day, but Rome has so much more! Besides, once you’re in the capital of Italy you will also want to enjoy the lively atmosphere of its plazas, the friendliness of its people and the deliciousness of its food… All in all, you’re going to need quite a few days to get to know Rome as the city deserves. However, if your spirit is somewhat of an explorer, keep in mind that there are many day trips from Rome that you can make to take your vacation to the next level.

Rome is the capital of the Lazio region, which is located by the Tyrrhenian Sea and borders the beautiful regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. The cradle of the Roman Empire is recognisable for its hills and green areas and its coastal plains, which makes for beautiful day trips from Rome. If you’re looking forward to getting to know the surroundings of Rome, we recommend to take good note of the following destinations, ideal for a very special day-trip!

Day trips from Rome: Ostia Antica

We all know that Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire, and we can think of other famous cities with a Roman past, such as Tarragona, old Tarraco. But there were many important Roman Cities, and one of them, Ostia Antica, was very close to the capital of the Empire: just 30 km away!


Ostia Antica was the main commercial port of Rome during the Republic, and had quite a though end as the epidemics forced all the population out of the city. Nowadays, it s quite well preserved, and you can visit the remains of the shops, taverns and even a big amphitheatre. You can also see the remains of Persian temples, a Christian basilica and a synagogue, a testimony of the cosmopolitan past of the city. To arrive to Ostia Antica you only need to take a suburban train.


Other recommended activities in Rome

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Day trips from Rome: Castel Gandolfo


Castel Gandolfo is another one of the top destinations near the capital of Italy, as it’s one of the nicest day trips from Rome that you can make. There is a castle, there is an impressive view, and there are great restaurants. Castel Gandolfo is famous for being the summer residence of the Pope, which Pope Francis recently turned into a museum that can be visited.


Castel Gandolfo is also a good destination for those who love spending time in nature and the outdoors, as the town is located next to the Regional Park of Decima-Malafede. However, you don’t need to go that far, since the town is located right next to the beautiful Lake Albano. You’re not likely to forget the views!

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Day trips from Rome: Tivoli & the two villas

If you’re staying in Rome and want to visit another place nearby, the town of Tivoli is also a great option. It used to be a summer destination for the Romans back then, and it is a beautiful little town that makes for a beautiful promenade. However, Tivoli is famous for two archaeological sites located in its surroundings, Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa, both very recommendable day trips from Rome.


In Villa d’Este, you will be able to see the beautiful Renaissance gardens and the fountains, as well as the frescos of the villa itself. It was designed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, so it’s a mandatory visit if you go to Tivoli! In Hadrian’s Villa, you will be able to visit reconstructions of the Greek and Egyptian buildings emperor Hadrian loved so much, and the famous Canopus, a pool surrounded by columns and Caryatids.

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As you can see, these great day trips from Rome are also related to its historical past. Italy is a well-loved country around the world, but when you discover gems such as those described here you can easily conclude that it’s overrated. So, are you going to go on any of these day trips from Rome? If you want to spend some time in nature, there are other destinations near Rome besides the Regional Park of Decima-Malafede, such as the Regional Park of the Marcigliana and the Regional Park of Veio, both located in the Lazio region. We’d love to hear about your day trips from Rome, so don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comments!

Other recommended day trips from Rome

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