There are many different ways to prepare for a trip. If you’re travelling to the capital of Italy, you can read up about the different historic and cultural monuments you will see, explore blogs to find secret spots and charming cafes, write down the best restaurants… and you can also watch films set in Rome to get inspiration to plan your trip!


We’d like to do our bit to help your research with this list of great films set in Rome:

  • The Great Beauty: A bit more surrealist than the Rome you will get to know, but you will get to see some unique spots of the capital of Italy. If you like it, you will also enjoy another classic: Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.
films set in Rome that will inspire you to travel
  • To Rome with love: this film by Woody Allen was funded by several Roman distributors, so it offers many beautiful images of the city.
  • Eat Pray Love: If the previous films didn’t make you overexcited with your trip to Rome, watching Julia Roberts discover the pleasures of Italian cuisine will do the trick!

Classic films set in Rome

Classic films set in Rome can be a tricky inspiration, since the Rome they portray will differ greatly from the one you will see in your trip. However, these films set in Rome can add enriching touches to your trip and help you see the wonderful monuments under a different light.

  • Ben Hur: Of course, you won’t be able to see what is portrayed in this classic, but visiting the Roman Circus after watching this film will be a whole other experience.
films set in Rome that will inspire you to travel
  • Roman Holiday: This wonderful classic will make you climb the Spanish Steps with joy. You may even be tempted to rent a Vespa so you can feel like Audrey Hepburn!


So, are you ready to watch these films set in Rome before your trip? They will surely set the mood!

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