Are you travelling to Venice soon? You should know then that there is more to the city than romantic canals and promenades: Venice has many different sides and can be read in many different ways – as the directors of these films set in Venice have done.

Here you have a few films set in Venice that testify to these many sides:

  • Casanova, by Fellini: Only the first half hour of the film is set in Venice, but that is enough excuse for the legendary Italian director to give us a unique vision of the famous carnival of the city. Decadence an excesses share screen time with Donald Sutherland.
  • The Italian Job: A thriller set in Venice? Yes! In this film set in Venice, starring Charlize Theron, Mark Whalberg and Edward Norton, among others, shows how the beautiful Italian city can be a stage from action and a great rhythm.
  • The Merchant of Venice: This film from 2004, a wonderful adaptation of the classical play by Shakespeare, stars Al Pacino, who gives an awesome performance as ever. A film full of passion.
Films set in Venice

Films set in Venice: A bit of romance, too

Some of the films set in Venice above may have been a surprise, since they are not the kind of film you would expect to be filmed in such a romantic city. But, of course, among the films set in Venice there’s a lot of space for romance as well.

Romantic tours in Venice

The following films set in Venice prove it:

  • Summertime: This film from 1955 starring Katherine Hepburn portrays the escape from the routine of the protagonist, who lives a summer romance in the wonderful Italian city. The canals of Venice turn bittersweet, but are more beautiful than ever.
Films set in Venice
  • Everyone Says I Love You: A rare musical by Woody Allen starring Drew Barrymore and Edward Norton (who repeats in this list of films set in Venice), riddled with love songs, affairs and famous faces. What’s not to like?


Are you going to watch these films set in Venice before travelling there? As you can see, Venice is a great stage for all sorts of films!

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