If you’ve ever felt taken by Paris, you’re not alone: The capital of France casts an understandable fascination on many people, and has be the scenario of many unforgettable films. If you’re planning on visiting this bohemian and beautiful city soon, you can now prepare with our selection of films set in Paris!

Films set in Paris: A fascinating city

Here you have a varied selection of films set in Paris that will make for a marathon suitable for all tastes:

  1. Bande à part: This classic by Jean-Luc Godard, one of the most famous Parisian directors had to be in our list. A classic of the French New Wave moment that all cinema aficionados should watch.
  2. The Dreamers: This beautiful film by Bernardo Bertolucci tells the story of an American student who meets two siblings with a very peculiar relationship. One of the films set in Paris that will make you travel back in time, as it shows the student riots of 1968.
Films set in Paris - Gowithoh
  1. Before Sunset,: Our list of films set in Paris wouldn’t be complete without romance, and the drama by Richard Linklater truly is a strong contender. And American reunites with a woman with whom he had a passionate affair nine years before (which you can see in the film Before Sunrise!). Of course, the scenario of their new encounter is the beautiful city of Paris.
  2. Paris, je t’aime: This film is different from the other ones in this list for many reasons, as it is an anthology film where you will be able to see several different stories told by 22 different directors, including Gus Van Sant, the Coen Brothers, Vincenzo Natali and Isabel Coixet. It’s more than a film set in Paris, as it is a real homage to the city.
  3. Caché: You wouldn’t say, as the most of the film develops inside a house, but this wonderful film by Michael Haneke takes places in the capital of France. Another approach to the city thanks to yet another disturbing story by the great Danish director.


Have you seen any of these movies? Of course, there are many more, so don’t forget to tell us which are your favourite films set in Paris in the comments section!

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