summer barcelona

You must be excited for your next trip to Barcelona. This beautiful Mediterranean city receives millions of tourists every year, most of them during the summer months. It does sound like the perfect moment to fully enjoy the city, which has some of the best inner-city beaches that you can find. However, there is one inconvenience: The summer in Barcelona is quite hard sometimes! There’s the heat and there’s the humidity, so you’re going to need to have some plans in mind to battle that combination. In order to give you a hand, here you have a few tips that won’t interrupt your sightseeing plans!

Surviving the summer in Barcelona


Get your notepad ready for the following tips on how to survive the summer in Barcelona:


  •  Go to the beach: We start our list with the most obvious options for the summer in Barcelona: going to one of the many beaches that can be found in the city. However, you’ll have to go in the water to keep cool!

summer barcelona beaches

  •  Have an ice-cream: Keep your eyes peeled for one of the many gelato places that are located in Barcelona. They can truly save your afternoon!


  • Enjoy the terraces: One of the particularities of Barcelona is its terrace culture: the locals fill the plazas at night to have a refreshing beer in the many terraces of the bars. And you can do the same thing!

terraces barcelona

  • Go see a movie: If you can’t deal with the heat anymore, go see a movie: You will be able to enjoy the air conditioning for a little while! There are cinemas that offer films in original version instead of dubbed, such as the Renoir Floridablanca, Verdi or Icaria Yelmo, located in different parts of the city.


  • Buy an abanico: It may be ‘what tourists do’… But locals do it as well! A fan can work miracles in a hot day, so don’t hesitate to use one if you need it!


Do you have any tips to keep cool in the summer in Barcelona? Don’t forget to share them in the comments with the sweaty visitors of the city!

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